Thuasne Malleoaction Ankle Brace

Thuasne Malleoaction Ankle Brace

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  • Support and proprioception for those with a moderate activity level
  • Soft ankle sleeve provides compression of around 22.5mmHg
  • Comfort zones around malleoli to further protect the area
  • Anatomically shaped weave to help stabilise your ankle
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Thuasne Malleoaction Ankle Brace

Some ankle braces can be loose, which limits the immobilising properties that help keep the area stable. The last thing you want to have to do while you're halfway through a training session is pull the support back up so it works properly. The Thuasne Malleoaction Ankle Brace is shaped to adhere to your anatomy so it provides you with the support you need while also remaining exactly where it needs to be.

Who Can Make Gains with the Malleoaction Support?

When you're just beginning to play sports again following a fall or injury to the ankle, the Malleoaction can help you feel more confident while also protecting you from re-injury. The ankle brace provides you with compressing support of around 22.5mmHg and is made from soft material so it doesn't irritate your skin even when you put it through its paces.

The support also has comfort zones around the malleoli (i.e. the bony prominences on the ankle). As these protrude from your skin they can be more prone to damage, particularly when you're playing contact or ball sports like rugby or American football. Protecting the malleoli therefore reduces the likelihood that you'll suffer from trauma in the area.

Features and Benefits of the Ankle Support

  • Knitted ankle brace provides support and proprioception
  • Soft ankle sleeve with a compressing knit of around 22.5mmHg
  • Anatomically shaped weave for improved stability
  • Comfort zone around two malleoli
  • Patented pull tabs so support can be put on easily
  • Ideal for those with a moderate activity level
  • Available in five different sizes so you can find the right fit

Indications for the Malleoaction

The Thuasne Ankle Brace is suitable to help with the following:

  • Resumption of activity
  • Support and proprioception

Elastic Knit

The Thuasne Ankle Support provides you with support and proprioception as a result of its elastic knit. Proprioception is particularly important in the ankle as any instability in this area can lead to you losing your balance and falling, which can injure you further. This can also be highly beneficial when you're returning to sporting activities as it helps keep you steady.

Size Guide for the Thuasne Ankle Brace

The Malleoaction Ankle Support is available in five different sizes. To find out which will provide you with the most comfort and support, measure the circumference of your ankle above the malleolus (the large bony protrusion), reference the table below and choose your desired option from the drop down menu at the top of the page

Size Ankle Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 19 - 21cm
Small 21 - 23cm
Medium 23 - 25cm
Large 25 - 27cm
Extra Large 27 - 30cm

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