Ultimate Performance Eddystone Clip-On LED Light
 Ultimate Performance Eddystone Clip-On LED LightUltimate Performance Eddystone Clip-On LED Light 

Ultimate Performance Eddystone Clip-On LED Light

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  • Blue LED visible up to half a mile away
  • Constant or flashing light modes
  • Weatherproof for extra durability
  • Ideal for runs in low visibility situations
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Being out at night can be a great way to get some exercise in during a full day, but when darkness falls it's vital that you can be seen by motorists. The Ultimate Performance Eddystone Clip-On LED Light provides you with an incredibly bright and visible light that makes you highly visible to road users; ideal for runners, walkers and cyclists.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ultimate Performance Eddystone Clip-On LED Light?

If you're an evening runner, it's vital that you can be seen by motorists and other road users. It's far too easy for someone dressed in black clothing to only be seen when it's too late. The Eddystone LED light makes you highly visible thanks to its bright blue LED light, enabling you to safely run in low visibility situations. It's ideal for use in winter months when darkness can quickly fall without warning, keeping you safe no matter what time you're out on a run.

Incredibly Bright Light

The Eddystone features an incredibly bright blue LED light to alert others to your presence that can be seen up to half a mile away. The light has a wide angle of visibility to help ensure you can be seen by anyone nearby.

The light features two modes: constant and flashing. The constant mode shines a continual light with no interruptions, while the flashing mode (as the name suggests) shines a flashing light. Both options are ideal for different situations and enable you to get the best visibility for your needs.

Comfortable Design

Despite its powerful light the Eddystone is incredibly lightweight and slim, and can easily and comfortably be clipped on to clothing, belts, backpacks and even dog collars. It's also weatherproof; ideal for use in rainy or snowy weather where visibility is a necessity – please note that it is not recommended that the Eddystone Clip-On LED Light be submerged.

Long Battery Life

To help you ensure that the Eddystone can be there when you need it, it features an incredibly long battery life. The two included CR2032 batteries provide up to an incredibly long 144 hours of use in flash mode, or 72 hours in constant mode.

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