Ultimate Performance Football Ankle Support
 Ultimate Performance Football Ankle SupportUltimate Performance Football Ankle Support 

Ultimate Performance Football Ankle Support

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  • Provides restrictionless support
  • Prevents inversion or eversion
  • For sprained or weak ankles
  • Tailored foot for perfect fit
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In stock now

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When it comes to football, it's vital that you have as much freedom as movement as possible but at the same time your ankles need effective support and stability to ensure you can stay on top form.

The Ultimate Performance Football Ankle Support is an ankle brace designed for football players that allows you to move without restriction while still providing maximum support to help keep your ankle safely stable.

Who Can Make Gains With The Ultimate Performance Football Ankle Support?

Because both free movement and stability are both important in football, it's vital that you have a support which can do both. Designed for football, the ankle support features a high achilles cutout to allow you to turn, run and jump freely while still giving you the support you need through a steel spring to help prevent excess inversion or eversion.

Suitable for football, cricket, running, racket sports and boxing as well as a range of other sports, the ankle support provides a high level of support and is recommended for sprained, weak, stiff or aching ankles.

Comfortable Fit

To help you get the best fit, the ankle support features a tailored foot and a high heel cutout to ensure a perfect fit in shoes or boots to help you reap the benefits no matter what surface you play on. It even features a thin side panel to enable the support to work with pads.

Sizing of the Ultimate Performance Football Ankle Support:

The Ultimate Performance Football Ankle Support is available in 6 sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL; based on UK shoe sizes. Please refer to the chart below.

Size UK Shoe Size
XX-Small Size 3 - 4
Extra Small Size 5 - 6
Small Size 6 - 8
Medium Size 8 - 10
Large Size 10 - 12
Extra Large Size 12 - 14

Wear instructions: Pull brace onto foot over sock. Lace up to provide required support. Re-tighten during play if needed.

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