Ultimate Performance Reusable Elastic Bandage

Ultimate Performance Reusable Elastic Bandage

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  • Ideal for a range of muscles and uses
  • Provides firm and even support
  • Reuseable for any need
  • Use just like standard tape
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Traditional sports tape is incredibly useful for a range of needs, but it has one fatal flaw – it can run out. Being caught short on tape at a critical moment can put you at a significant disadvantage.

The Ultimate Performance Reusable Elastic Bandage enables you to provide support to a range of muscles, tendons ligaments and joints just like traditional tape applications.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ultimate Performance Reusable Elastic Bandage?

The reusable elastic bandage is ideal for athletes who rely on tapes and strapping to give them the performance edge they need to succeed. The wrap works just like standard sports tape and provides a fantastic level of support wherever you need it. It's an ideal alternative to standard sports tape for anyone who's concerned about being caught with an empty roll when you need it most, giving you the same performance boost to help you succeed when it really counts.

Firm and Even Support

Enabling you to get the support you need, the reusable elastic bandage provides firm and even support wherever you need it. Used like standard tape applications, the elastic bandage is lightweight and comfortable to ensure it doesn't get in your way or throw you off-balance. Just like sports tape, the reusable bandage can also be used to hold a cold pack in place and act as a frost barrier to help you recover from injuries or for post-exercise use.

Comfortable Fit

The bandage utilises a hook and loop closure to make it as easy to affix and secure as possible, enabling you to get the exact amount of support you need to perform at your best. It enables you to get this support while maintaining a natural and full range of movement, helping you to move as freely as you need to.

Sizing for the Ultimate Performance Reusable Elastic Bandage

The Ultimate Performance Reusable Elastic Bandage comes in a single size with a length of approximately 68cm – ideal for use on a range of different body areas and muscles.

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