Vulkan Knee Wrap

Vulkan Knee Wrap

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  • Aids injury prevention
  • Provides controlled compression to the knee
  • Speeds up recovery and rehab
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
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In stock now

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The Vulkan Knee Wrap is designed to provide protection and aid prevention of injury for those with an active lifestyle. Made with lightweight, comfortable and elasticated material, this versatile wrap can be positioned for controlled compression.

The Vulkan Knee Wrap is suitable for any activity and everyday use.

Who Can Make Gains with the Vulkan Knee Wrap?

Few injuries are more debilitating to an athlete than one involving the knee. Since your knee is involved in almost every sport, pain or reduced strength in that area can greatly reduce overall performance and enjoyment. This wrap will both protect an injured knee, allowing for faster recovery and rehab, as well as prevent future injury, keeping you at your best. So get back to your sport of choice with peace of mind by using the Vulkan Knee Wrap.

Sizing of the Vulkan Knee Wrap

The Vulkan Knee Wrap is supplied in a universal size that should be suitable for most users.

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