Vulkan Patella Knee Strap

Vulkan Patella Knee Strap

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  • Effective compression to your kneecap
  • Supports tendons to prevent injuries
  • Relieves patella tendonitis
  • Lightweight material allows comfortable wear
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In stock now

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The Vulkan Patella Knee Strap is a lightweight strap that provides effective compression and support to the tendons in the knee region. Suitable for relief of patella tendonitis and adolescent growing pains, this knee strap is a simple and affordable solution to many kinds of knee pain.

Who Can Make Gains with the Vulkan Patella Knee Strap?

One of the most debilitating kind of pain or injury for an athlete to have is knee pain. Your knees are crucial to performance in almost any sport, and therefore we must take extra care to ensure they are supported and at their best. This knee strap can help anyone with knee pain associated with patella tendonitis push past their pain, and reach their fitness goals without pain. Providing just enough compression to support the tendons in the knee, this product provides a simple and effective solution, letting you get back on the field, or into the gym.

Sizing of the Vulkan Patella Knee Strap

The Vulkan Patella Knee Strap is provided in a universal size that is suitable for most users.

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