Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Sports Laces

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  • Laces that stretch for optimal fit every time
  • Uses adjustable compression knots to fit to your foot
  • Allows shoes to be easily slipped on and off
  • Used by world class and casual athletes alike
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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For those on their feet for long stretches of time, whether for sports or work, taking extra measure to maintain foot health is especially important. After long hours on the go, feet can become swollen or painful if not properly looked after, hurting both performance and endurance. The Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Sports Laces are designed specifically to combat these problems, ergonomically tailoring the fit of your footwear with their revolutionary compression knot design.

Who Can Make Gains with Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Sports Laces?

Used by world-class athletes, casual sportspeople and convenience-seekers alike, these laces have proven themselves in a number of environments, and come out with flying colours through them all. Easy to customise by pulling each compression knot through your shoe's eyelets, these laces are optimally designed to block in a semi-permanent, no-tie fitting, making them a must for any athlete. Once the laces are adjusted, simply slip your shoes on and off and enjoy a perfect fitting tie, every time.

xtenex compression laces for sports and convenience

Reduces Foot Pain and Swelling

The benefits these laces provide will be evident immediately, solving almost all the problems associated with conventional laces, including some you never knew you had. The secret behind the revolutionary fit of these laces is threefold:

  • They aid in reducing painful footwear binding and fatigue most commonly associated with slipping laces and natural foot swelling.
  • They provide ergonomic lace expansion, thereby relieving the pressure caused by natural foot swelling, and aiding with healthy blood circulation to your feet.
  • They allow your feet an all-day active fit, along with superior support and comfort. Pull your shoes on, slip them off while enjoying excellent performance and comfort.

Eliminates Lace Migration

The technology used in these laces was designed to address the primary source of footwear-related pain and discomfort: lace migration. Lace migration is the gradual movement of the lace toward the forward bend of your foot, which tightens and restricts the front of the shoe, while loosening the fit around the metatarsal area, increasing slipping and reduced stabilisation. The constant perfect fit of these laces makes lace migration is a thing of the past, meaning you'll be more comfortable with less friction and less blisters.

Adaptable Stabilisation

Unlike conventional laces, Xtenex laces can be moulded to the asymmetrical shape of the foot, allowing for independent adjustment between each set of eyelets. With the ability to have different tension zones along the foot, you'll enjoy a custom fit every time.

Additionally, these laces will provide unrivalled lateral stabilisation for your feet, allowing you to increase tension along the left or right side of a shoe upper. This keeps the foot steady in your shoe, enhancing the efficacy of orthotics and arch supports.

How to Use Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Sports Laces

To adjust these laces to your liking, stretch them apart in opposing directions to reduce knot size, then thread the stretched portion through the eyelet. Select the desired compression index (number of knots between eyelets) then release to set.

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