Zepp Tennis Flex Mount

Zepp Tennis Flex Mount

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  • Separate tennis-specific mount for your Zepp sensor, letting you analyse and improve your swing
  • Attach to your racket and swing away for instant feedback and a 3D view of your swing
  • Compatible with the Zepp sensor, so you can mix and match mounts for different sports
  • Great as a spare mount or a replacement
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In stock now

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The Zepp Tennis Flex Mount lets you attach your Zepp sensor to any tennis racket, helping you to capture and analyse your performance on the court. Just attach the sensor to the handle of any tennis racket using the Flex Mount and swing away to get instant feedback on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Now you can track your matches and practice and get to know your game like never before. Used by the professionals, such as Tour Pro Miloš Raonić, it offers the highest standard of technology whether you're on tour or just playing in your back-yard. 

Who Can Make Gains with the Tennis Flex Mount?

The Flex Mount is ideal for anyone who wants to reach their goals on the court, whether professional or amateur. For the first time in the history of tennis, now you can get instant feedback and measure your performance on the court. The Zepp sensor tracks shot type, differentiating between serves, backhands and smashes, power (topspin, slice, flat), as well as your total court time and active time (rallying or playing points). The Tennis Flex Mount clips around the top of your racket and keeps your sensor nice and safe during activity.

Features and Benefits of the Zepp Flex Mount

  • Extra/replacement mount for the Zepp sensor, allowing you to attach it to your tennis racket
  • Revolutionary training system to help analyse your performance on the tennis court
  • Capture and review your match performance and practice sessions

Setting up the Zepp Tennis 

Setting up the Zepp Tennis couldn't be easier, just follow these simple steps:

  • Attach the mount to your racket and insert the sensor
  • Connect Zepp wirelessly via bluetooth to capture and visualise your swing data
  • Analyse your swing on your mobile device

Please note that this mount is NOT suitable for use with a Zepp 2 Sensor.

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