Bauerfeind Myotrain Thigh Support
Bauerfeind Myotrain Thigh SupportBauerfeind Myotrain Thigh SupportBauerfeind Myotrain Thigh SupportBauerfeind Myotrain Thigh Support

Bauerfeind Myotrain Thigh Support

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  • Effective support for muscle injuries to the thigh
  • Contains two removable cushioned pads
  • Eases swelling and accelerates healing
  • Prevention against repetitive thigh injuries, strains, tears and more
Available, dispatched in 1-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-5 days

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The Bauerfeind MyoTrain Thigh Support is ideal for the treatment of muscles injuries to the thigh. If you play a lot of sports, it makes sense to look after your thighs. Football, basketball, tennis, athletics and many more all require the quadriceps and hamstrings to be functioning properly. The thighs contain some of the largest muscles in your body, which are susceptible to a range of injuries. Muscle strains, tears or bruising can severely impact performance, and not looking after an injury properly can lead to a more serious re-injury.

The MyoTrain Thigh Support helps combat these soft tissue injuries, and is an effective, reusable alternative to taping. A range of innovative technologies combine to form a product that will have you on the road to recovery in no time. 

Who Can Make Gains with the MyoTrain Thigh Support?

The breathable MyoTrain Thigh Support offers an enhanced alternative to taping for muscle injuries to the thigh, such as muscle fibre tears, pulls or bruising. The special combination of knit, strap system and two different pressure cushions, which can be added or removed as required, allows swelling to subside more quickly and accelerates the healing process.

Thanks to the oblique design of the adjustable tension straps, the support exercises precise compression on the muscles. Immediately after injury, the acute pad can be used to apply targeted compression to the affected area, in order to stop haemorrhaging or the spread of haematoma. The larger functional pad with its lengthwise ribbing improves lymphatic circulation and reduces swelling, oedema and haematoma. The MyoTrain can also be worn without pads at the advanced rehabilitation stage and to prevent further injury.

The MyoTrain support is suitable for conditions such as:

  • Muscle injuries to the thigh (especially cramps, pulls, ruptures, tears)
  • Prevention, especially against repetitive injuries
  • Muscle bruising on the thigh 
  • Additional support for follow-up treatment

Features and Benefits of the MyoTrain Thigh Support

  • Perfect for  thigh muscle injuries including fibre tears or pulls, myosclerosis or bruising
  • Enhanced, convenient alternative to taping the thigh
  • Contains removable pressure cushioned pads
  • Helps reduce swelling and accelerated the healing process
  • Prevents repetitive thigh injuries
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Made from high quality, breathable and skin friendly materials

Sizing for the Bauerfeind MyoTrain

To see which size is right for you please measure your thigh in the two areas indicated in the diagram, then check the sizing table below.

Size Circumference Below Knee (cm) Circumference Above Knee (cm)
Size 1 32 - 35cm 44 - 48cm
Size 2 35 - 38cm 48 - 52cm
Size 3 38 - 41cm 52 - 56cm
Size 4 41 - 44cm 56 - 60cm
Size 5 44 - 47cm 60 - 64cm
Size 6 47 - 50cm 64 - 68cm
Size 7  50 - 53cm 68 - 72cm

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