BioSkin QLok Patella Support

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  • Low profile pull-on knee support
  • Soft against skin for comfortable all-day wear
  • Lightweight and easy to apply
  • Strapping system for secure fit
Currently unavailable. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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BioSkin QLok Patella Support

An injury to your knee can be massively debilitating, but recovery isn't all about weeks of lying still, trying hard not to aggravate the issue. Movement and gentle exercise are key to healthy rehabilitation, preventing the joint from becoming stiff or weakened and allowing blood flow to speed up healing times. The BioSkin QLok Patella Support is designed to reduce patellofemoral pain by correctly repositioning the patella (knee cap) and increasing the surface contact area within the joint.

Who Can Make Gains with the BioSkin QLok Patella Support?

The QLok Patella Support is designed to diminish the effects and aid in the rehabilitation of patellofemoral pain. The support can be used to aid with a range of conditions, including:

  • Anterior knee pain
  • Chondromalacia patella
  • Inflammation
  • Meniscal cartilage tears / repairs
  • Mild sprains and instabilities
  • Patella maltracking

How Does the QLok Patella Support Work?

The superior compression and unique strapping system of the QLok push the patella back into the correct position in the trochlear notch. A properly positioned patella spreads the force in the knee joint over a large surface and decreases pain and wear on the joint.

QLok Patella Support

Key Features of the BioSkin QLok Patella Support

  • Pull-on support that correctly positions the patella for healthy recovery
  • Designed to reduce pain and discomfort of the knee
  • Effective management of swelling and bruising
  • Universal fir for either the left or right knee
  • Open patella 4-strap system for greater compression 
  • Donut buttresses for effective patella stabilisation
  • Reduces patella tilt and stretches lateral tissue
  • Lightweight hinges anchor the Dynamic Patella Traction Strap
  • Contoured cut designed to fit a wider variety of thigh shapes
  • Hinges naturally contour to leg
  • Comfortable and breathable Stratus material
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing no more than 7 ounces
  • Latex-free and neoprene-free for reduced skin irritation
  • Available in five sizes, from Small to XX-Large

Sizing the BioSkin QLok Patella Support

BioSkin is designed to give a compressed fit that allows for full support, so for some wearers this may feel strange or uncomfortable at first. If you find yourself between sizes it is recommended that you select the larger size unless you desire a tighter fit.

  Knee Circumference Fully Extended (cm)
Size Mid-Patella 18cm Above
Small 33 - 36cm 46 - 51cm
Medium 36 - 41cm 51 - 56cm
Large 41 - 43cm 56 - 64cm
Extra Large 43 - 46cm 64 - 71cm
XX-Large 46 - 54cm 71 - 81cm

To see how to properly fit your QLok Patella Support watch the video below.

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