Bollé Contour Polarised Lens Cricket Sunglasses

Bollé Contour Polarised Lens Cricket Sunglasses

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  • Pair of sports sunglasses for cricketers
  • Essential for reducing sun glare and UV light
  • Prevents eyestrain and highlights position of the ball
  • Polarised lenses reduce flash and glimmering
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Bollé Contour Polarised Lens Cricket Sunglasses

Sunglasses are rapidly becoming essential wear for amateur and professional cricketers alike. Don't fall behind the curve.

Bollé Contour Polarised Lens Cricket Sunglasses use glimmer, glare and flash resistant polarised lenses to better highlight and magnify the position of the ball when it's travelling. With an enhanced 180° field of view and an anti-glare clearcoat lens treatment, they filter all incoming sun and UV light to protect your eyes when the sun's beating down on you in the field.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Sports Sunglasses

Who Can Make Gains With Bollé Cricket Sunglasses?

Year on year, glasses are becoming a more common feature in the game. Whether you play on an extremely exposed pitch or you're looking to improve your ball flight tracking in the wicket, cricket sunglasses have something to offer your game.

 The polarised lenses that Bollé Contour Cricket Glasses use mitigate the glare and glimmer generated by the sun, allowing you to make clear contact with each and every ball.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Polarised lenses improve ball tracking when batting and fielding
  • Incredible UV light filtration keeps your eyes safe for years to come
  • Reduce the onset of light-exposure induced headaches and eyestrain 
  • Prevent glare and glimmer getting in the way of your performance
  • Adjustable nose bridge section enhances comfort
  • Anti-scratch lens treatment drastically improves shelf life of lenses
  • Lightweight frame weighs in at just 21g

What Makes Bollé Special?

Bollé are one of the world leaders in the manufacture of premium quality sport and safety eyewear. Available at an incredibly competitive price point, all Bollé glasses and goggles are developed following thousands of hours of testing, designing and scrutiny.

What Are Polarised Lenses?

Polarised lenses are specially formulated and treated to filter light. Essential for use in sunglasses, polarised lenses come into their own when the sun is beating down and you need assurance that your eyes aren't taking in an unnecessary amount of UV light.

Why Bother Wearing Cricket Sunglasses?

Whether you're in the field or at the crease, anticipating the position of the ball is the name of the game. You can't do that effectively if you've got the sun beating down in your eyes.

Cricketing sunglasses are all about two things: safety and performance. Whilst they work tirelessly to filter sunlight, UV light and flashing, they're also brilliant for maximising contrast, which allows you to track the flight of the ball, be it red or white.

Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare Lenses

There's nothing worse than picking up a new pair of glasses only to find the lenses all scuffed and scratched after a few weeks of use. Bollé Contour Cricket Sunglasses feature an anti-glare, anti-scratch clearcoat treatment that extends their shelf life in the face of abrasions, hairline scratches and scuffs dramatically.

Are Other Options Available?

We have a range of Cricket Sunglasses and Glasses available. Take a look below:

Polycarbonate Adjustable Nose Bridge

Glasses are only as good as the length of time you can tolerate wearing them for. Bollé are all about maximising comfort and their Contour Cricket Sunglasses are no different.

Complete with an adjustable nose bridge that allows you to effortlessly alter the position of their central section, Bollé Contour Glasses can be adjusted as much as required for you to find your perfect position.

Filter Light and Reduce Eyestrain

Headaches, eyestrain and migraines needn't be chalked down to "part of life". Taking in and not adequately filtering UV light has been proven to be one of the leading causes of headache and migraine onset in sportsmen and women.

Bollé Contour Cricket Sunglasses take all that light and filter it through a treated prism, meaning the crystal clear image you see in front of you has been treated and manipulated. This process reduces the amount of UV light that your eyes absorb, allowing you to tolerate the sunlight indefinitely without any of the nasty consequences.

Maximise Ball Visibility

Nobody likes watching an embarrassing dropped catch or a fielding clanger. Keeping your eye on the ball is easier said than done however, when all you can see is an eye full of sunlight. Bollé Contour Polarised Lens Sunglasses are brilliant for highlight contrast, which helps highlight the position of the ball in flight against its surroundings. 

Can I Use Bollé Sunglasses for Other Sports?

Absolutely. Thanks to their innovative combination of anti-glare, fog and scratch treatments, Bollé Contour Cricket Glasses are dually suitable for sports like:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Training
  • Winter Walks
  • Jogging

Anti-Fog Clearcoat Treatment

When the seasons over, your Bollé Contour Glasses make a brilliant pair of winter sunglasses for walks on crisp and clear mornings. Their anti-fog lens treatment prevents your breath circling and condensation pooling to form a fog, leaving your field of view clear as crystal.


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