Bollé Silium Smoke Lens Running Sunglasses

Bollé Silium Smoke Lens Running Sunglasses

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  • Smoke lenses drastically reduce the effect of sunlight
  • Essential wear for runners in the height of summer
  • Proven to reduce headaches and eyestrain on long runs
  • Integrated side shield widen your shaded field of view
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In stock now

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Bollé Silium Smoke Lens Running Sunglasses

Fed up of headaches, fatigue, dehydration and eyestrain setting in after just a few miles? If this sounds familiar, you might be overlooking an integral part of any training and race day kit bag.

Bollé Silium Smoke Lens Running Sunglasses use tinted lenses to drastically mitigate the amount of sunlight that enters the eyes, reducing the strain on you and your eyes. Whether you're looking to maximise performance over distance or reduce discomfort during training runs, Bollé Silium Running Glasses give you the edge you need to keep a cool head.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Sunglasses

Who Can Make Gains Using Bollé Silium Smoked Lens Sunglasses?

There's a reason seasoned and professional runners favour sunglasses when the suns is beating down. Whilst you run with your legs, your eyes pull in a tonne of light on the road, which can lead to the onset of headaches and dehydration if it's not correctly filtered.

Smoked lenses are great for reducing the amount of UV light that enter the eye, meaning anyone out running in the heat or on clear winter mornings can get something from a pair of Bollé Silium Running Sunglasses.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Drastically reduce the occurrence of headaches and rapid-onset dehydration
  • Perfect for 5km, marathons and training runs
  • Smoked lenses help diffuse the power of flashing, sun glare and overexposure to light
  • Lightweight and fashionable design
  • Flexible frame and arms enhance comfort over long distances
  • Impact resistance lengthens the shelf life of lenses
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses prevent damage and breakage

What Sets Bollé Apart from the Rest?

Bollé have been manufacturing premium quality sport and safety eyewear for decades. They understand everything about the industry they operate within and are committed to manufacturing premium quality eyewear that's fashionable, functional and affordable. 

What Makes Smoked Lenses Special?

Whether they're essential for you or you just prefer the world around you with a tinted hue, smoked lenses drastically reduce the amount of harmful UV light that enters the eyes. This can prevent the onset of headaches, dehydration and eyestrain when running in direct sunlight for long periods.

Why Bother to Filter Sunlight?

Not filtering sunlight can have harmful consequences for your eyes, including blotching, long-term retina and cornea damage and even partial short-term blindness. Wearing glasses that filter sunlight is an easy win for any runner. 

Innovative and Intuitive Anti-Scratch Lenses

On top of their anti-fog properties, Bollé lenses use an anti-scratch treatment to extend the shelf lift of their lenses. This means that whenever dirt, dust and debris come into contact with your lenses, there's no danger of them leaving any indents, scratches or damage.

Reduce the Impact of Fog in Low Temperatures

When temperatures drop, the circulation of breath in and around your face can quickly cause condensation, moisture and fog to build up on your lenses. Bollé Silium Lenses feature an anti-fog clearcoat that prevents fog building up and moisture from lingering on your lenses, leaving your field of view clean and clear for longer. 

What Length Runs Can Benefit?

Amateurs and professionals alike need a pair of running shades in their race day and training kitbag. Take a look below and see which benefits can benefit from the use of running sunglasses:

  • 5km
  • Parkrun
  • Marathons
  • Training
  • Hiking
  • Ultra marathon

Prevent Low Level Impact Ruining Your Lenses

Whether you realise it or not, tiny scratches are developing all the time on your lenses. This is due to incredibly low level impact caused by stones, dirt and debris building up over time to cause microscopic hairline scratches on your lenses.

Bollé Silium Running Sunglasses are accredited under EN 166, which is the European standard regulating safety glasses. Demonstrating their resilience and durability, this impact resistance maximises shelf life and ensures that your lenses stay fresh and clear.

Intuitive and Flexible Design

A pair of glasses are only as good as the length of time you can wear them for. Comfort, flexibility and a snug fit are all vital when you're running long distances.

Bollé Silium Running Sunglasses use flexible frames that bend and flex with your face and head to prevent cracking and bending. This flexible foundation material means the arms don't dig in to the side of your head or face and that your glasses can be worn without irritation, itching and discomfort setting in after just a few miles.

Can I Use My Bollé Sunglasses for Other Sports?

Absolutely. Whether it's hiking in the sun or getting a round of golf in during the height of summer, Bollé Sunglasses are an excellent option.

  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Walking

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