Donjoy Fortilax Elastic Ankle Support
 Donjoy Fortilax Elastic Ankle SupportDonjoy Fortilax Elastic Ankle Support 

Donjoy Fortilax Elastic Ankle Support

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  • Targeted compression to reduce pain and swelling
  • Ideal for people with acute or chronic ankle injuries
  • Anatomical design for precise ankle support
  • Made with breathable fibres for added comfort
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Donjoy Fortilax Elastic Ankle Support

Leading an active lifestyle can cause continued strain on your ankles, resulting in injury and pain. To keep your ankles in top condition, the Donjoy Fortilax Elastic Ankle Support provides stability by preventing your ankle joints from overextending. Targeted compression also encourages blood flow to help stimulate healing for existing injuries.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Ankle Support

Please note that the Donjoy Fortilax Ankle Brace is suitable for use on either the left or right ankle.

Who Can Make Gains With the Donjoy Fortilax Elastic Ankle Support?

The Donjoy Fortilax Ankle Support is ideal for athletes looking to excel in their chosen sport. This brace gives you the upper hand out on the pitch by providing extra ankle support without compromising mobility. Preventing injury and offering a quicker recovery time, this support is excellent for those looking to compete at the highest level.

Which Size Is Right for Me?

The Donjoy Fortilax Ankle Support is available in seven different sizes. To find out which size you need, please measure the circumference of your ankle (as shown) and consult the table below. If your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the next size up for optimal comfort.

image showing how to measure ankle circ.

Size Ankle Circumference (cm)
Paediatric (Size 0) 17 - 18cm
Extra Small (Size 1) 19 - 20cm
Small (Size 2) 21 - 22cm
Medium (Size 3) 23 - 24cm
Large (Size 4) 25 - 26cm
Extra Large (Size 5) 27 - 28cm
XX-Large (Size 6) 29 - 30cm

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides support and compression for ankle injuries;
  • Anatomical 3D design for effective and targeted compression
  • Made with soft-knit, biocompatible yarn for breathability and comfort
  • Proprioceptive and neuromuscular stimulation
  • Elastic can stretch in multiple directions for an ergonomic fit
  • Latex and PVC free to avoid allergic reactions
  • Thin and light enough to use with most footwear
  • Non-slip bands to keep the support in place
  • Graphic visual aids on the support to ensure correct use

Who Can Use the Fortilax Ankle Support?

Designed for preventative, functional and rehabilitative purposes, the Fortilax Support is ideal for people that suffer from ankle pain or want to prevent an injury. The elastic support will help to stabilise and support the ankle, making it well suited for the following conditions:

  • Acute ankle injuries
  • Chronic ankle injuries
  • Mild ankle and foot osteoarthritis
  • Tender Ankles
  • Swollen Ankles
  • Protection against ankle injury

Anatomically Designed for Exceptional Comfort

For optimal compression, the Donjoy Fortilax is designed to match the shape of your ankle. An anatomically fitted support ensures that your ankle is compressed in the right locations for maximum rehabilitation. Of course, everyone's body is different, so the Fortilax features multidirectional elastic that can stretch to fit feet of all shapes and sizes to ensure they are comfy and stable.

Supports Active Lifestyles

Not only does the Donjoy Fortilax Ankle Support get you back performing at your best, it also helps prevent further injuries in the future. For people that live an active lifestyle, this ankle support will help you stay fit and strong so that you can keep on doing the things that you love. 

Optimised Comfort

The Donjoy Fortilax is a made from high quality fibre that's soft, supple and breathable. With 3D anatomical knitting, the support provides the perfect fit to guarantee comfort and support. 

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