Donjoy Patelax Elastic Patella Knee Support
Donjoy Patelax Elastic Patella Knee SupportDonjoy Patelax Elastic Patella Knee SupportDonjoy Patelax Elastic Patella Knee Support

Donjoy Patelax Elastic Patella Knee Support

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  • Adjustable knee support with patella strap and pad
  • Suitable for patella instability, maltracking and tendonitis
  • Flexible medial and lateral stays help stabilise the patella
  • Breathable materials and stretch zones provide a comfy fit
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Donjoy Patelax Elastic Patella Knee Brace

Patella instability is a common recurring issue after a knee injury, but with the right brace, this problem is easily fixed. The Donjoy Patelax Elastic Patella Knee Brace comes pre-fit with flexible stays that run down the medial and lateral sides of the leg, ensuring the kneecap stays in the right place during movement.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Patella Knee Support

Please note that this knee brace can be worn on either the left or right leg.

Who Can Make Gains with the Donjoy Patelax Knee Brace?

Have you come back from a knee injury only to find that your knee isn't as strong or stable as it used to be? This is a common issue, and one that the Donjoy Patelax can help with. Fitted with flexible stays, this brace will prevent your kneecap from sliding out of place as you move, while minimising restriction to give you total flexibility.

Which Size Is Right For Me?

The Donjoy Patelax Knee Brace comes in seven different sizes. To find the size that will provide the best fit, measure the circumference of your thigh 15cm above the patella, as indicated in the image below. Once you have your measurement, use the sizing chart to find the most applicable size.

Circumference Measurement for Patella Knee Support
Measure from 15cm above the mid-kneecap as shown

Size Thigh Circumference
Extra Small (Size 1) 35 - 38cm
Small (Size 2) 39 - 42cm
Medium (Size 3) 43 - 46cm
Large (Size 4) 47 - 49cm
Extra Large (Size 5) 50 - 53cm
XX-Large (Size 6) 54 - 57cm
XXX-Large (Size 7) 58 - 61cm

Top Sizing Tips

  • If you fall between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size to ensure greater comfort
  • Due to the compressive nature of this brace, it may feel quite tight; if you would prefer less tightness, please choose a larger size
  • If you do not own a flexible tape measure, use a piece of string instead, then measure the string with a ruler

What Conditions Can the Donjoy Patelax Be Used For?

Fitted with an adjustable patella strap and flexible bilateral stays, the Donjoy Patelax is designed specifically for injuries and conditions that affect the patella (kneecap). These conditions include the following:

  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Patellar maltracking 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Anatomical 3D knit design provides targeted compression to a medical standard (20 - 36mmHg)
  • Patella kneepad is contoured anatomically to stabilise and massage the kneecap
  • Adjustable strap beneath the patella helps relieve pain and tension as you see fit
  • Flexible bilateral stays provide medial and lateral support of the knee
  • Stretch zones and breathable fabrics ensure optimal comfort and movement freedom
  • Compression-reduced edges divert pressure away from the ends for greater comfort
  • Non-slip silicone bands ensure a secure hold

How Does the Donjoy Patelax Support the Patella?

The Donjoy Patelax Knee Support incorporates a number of features that strategically counteract maltracking and instability. This includes a contoured patella pad that sits atop the patella to hold it in place, while also providing a gentle massage to boost proprioception. This pad works in conjunction with the two bilateral stays that run either side of the knee to prevent the kneecap from drifting.

Can I Adjust the Level of Support?

Depending on how unstable your knee is, you may wish to alter the level of support to match the severity of your condition. If your knee feels more unstable than usual, tighten the strap around your knee for greater protection. Then when it starts to feel better, loosen the strap to allow for greater comfort and flexibility.

How Comfortable Is this Brace?

A knee brace is most effective when worn for long periods at a time, but this isn't very appealing if it feels cramped and uncomfortable. Thankfully, this isn't the case with the Donjoy Patelax, as it has been made with premium fabrics that let the skin breathe, while two stretch zones allow natural movement.

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