Donjoy Stabilax Elastic Knee Brace with Removable Hinges
 Donjoy Stabilax Elastic Knee Brace with Removable HingesDonjoy Stabilax Elastic Knee Brace with Removable Hinges 
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Donjoy Stabilax Elastic Knee Brace with Removable Hinges

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  • Hinged support that protects the knee from strain
  • Suitable for a wide range of knee injuries and conditions
  • Adjustable straps for tailored compression
  • Made with biocompatible yarn for added comfort
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In stock now

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Donjoy Stabilax Elastic Knee Brace with Removable Hinges

When you're at the top of your game, a knee injury can stop you dead in your tracks and kill all motivation. However, with the Donjoy Stabilax Elastic Knee Brace with Removable Hinges, that doesn't have to be the case. Featuring two removeable hinges, this support holds your knee firmly in position, giving it ample space and protection to recover. This versatile knee brace will significantly reduce the time it takes for you to return to top form.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Elastic Knee Sleeve
  • 2 x Adjustable Straps
  • 2 x Removable Hinges

Who Can Make Gains with the Donjoy Stabilax Knee Brace?

To get back in the action as quickly as possible, you will need the Donjoy Stabilax Knee Brace. The anatomically designed knee pad provides added support and massages the area around the patella for supreme comfort and pain relief. By removing the hinges, the knee brace has the flexibility to allow for use while playing sports. Thanks to the elastic material, the support won't impede your mobility so you can remain supported when returning to the field.

Which Size Is Right for Me?

The Donjoy Stabilax is available in seven different sizes. It is important to ensure you choose the right size to ensure the support fits anatomically. Measure the circumference of the thigh 15cm above the centre of the kneecap (as shown) and then consult the table below to find the right size. If your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the next size up for better comfort.

image showing how to measure leg

Size Thigh Circumference (cm)
XX-Small  35 - 38cm
Extra Small 39 - 42cm
Small 43 - 46cm
Medium 47 - 49cm
Large 50 - 53cm
Extra Large 54 - 57cm
XX-Large 58 - 61cm

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides medical grade targeted compression (20 - 36mmHg)
  • Semi-rigid hinges for shock and weight absorption
  • Adjustable straps to increase or decrease pressure as needed
  • Anatomically contoured knee pad for added stability and pain relief
  • Elastic stretch zones for greater mobility and comfort
  • Reduces pain and swelling for knee injuries and osteoarthritis
  • Suitable for use on either left or right knee
  • Enhances proprioception and joint stability
  • Latex and PVC-free to prevent allergic reactions

How Do I Use the Donjoy Stabilax Knee Brace?

The Donjoy Stabilax is designed for easy use. The brace has an anatomical 3D knit design that makes it easy to position correctly over the knee. Made with elastic material, the support will slip over your leg with ease and can be stretched for a more ergonomic fit. Adjust the straps to suit your preference as shown in the video below: tighter for more compression or looser for greater mobility.

Please note that the size of the straps may vary depending on the size of the product.

Who Can Use the Donjoy Stabilax Brace with Straps?

Due to the high level of compression that the Donjoy Stabilax provides, the brace is suitable for treating a wide range of knee injuries, from chronic instability to torn ligaments. This makes the support ideal for injury prone sports players and people suffering from conditions that cause painful joints. The range of injuries and conditions applicable for the Stabilax include:

  • Torn ligaments
  • Torn menisci
  • Knee dislocation
  • Knee fractures
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Injury prevention

Stabilising Hinges for Added Compression

Featuring two semi-rigid polycentric hinges, the Donjoy Stabilax Support holds the knee in a stable position and provides extra compression. The hinges help restrict the range of motion and take on more of your weight as you move. This causes less strain on the knee and gives it a better chance of recovering. 

Fully Adjustable

To increase the level of pressure placed on your knee, tighten the two provided straps at the thigh and lower leg. The tighter the fit, the more force is absorbed, meaning less strain on the knee. As your knee recovers, you can then loosen the straps or remove the hinges entirely to improve mobility while remaining supported.

Anatomically Contoured Knee Pad

Providing extra pain relief, the Donjoy Stabilax features a padded ring that's positioned around the patella. This pad stabilises the fragile kneecap and massages the area with small stimulating nubs to promote blood flow and reduce pain.

Breathable Design

Made with soft-knit breathable fibres, the Donjoy Stabilax is nice and comfy to wear. When you're not strapped in too tight, the elastic design of the brace allows for unrestricted movement while still providing a high level of support.


The material of the Donjoy Knee Support is latex and PVC-free to prevent your body from reacting badly to the support, meaning you won't end up with any irritating rashes forming on your leg.

Technical Specifications

  • Hinge Length: 275mm
  • Strap Width: 50mm

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