Donjoy Thumb-O-Prene Thumb Splint

Donjoy Thumb-O-Prene Thumb Splint

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  • Durable, quality construction for prolonged use
  • Includes an insert and stay for extra support
  • Holds your thumb in abduction for stability
  • Features a contact closure for easy fitting
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Donjoy Thumb-O-Prene Thumb Splint

Following an injury to the thumb, it's important that you hold the area in a neutral position as this tends to speed up the recovery process. The Donjoy Thumb-O-Prene Thumb Splint is a neoprene splint with a combined thumb abduction insert and a palmar stay. These features help ensure the support protects and stabilises your thumb to reduce the likelihood that you'll suffer from further injury.

Who Can Make Gains with the Thumb-O-Prene?

An injury to the thumb can affect your sporting performance, especially racket sports or those that require hand dexterity. The Thumb-O-Prene Splint is constructed to stabilise and support the area. This helps improve your condition while also preventing further damage.

The Donjoy Thumb Splint provides outstanding support to the thumb, making it suitable for a number of indications. This includes the following:

  • Thumb instability
  • Thumb sprains
  • Thumb strains

Features of the Donjoy Thumb-O-Prene Splint

  • Low-profile and lightweight design for added comfort
  • Innovative design and mechanism allows easy use
  • Supports and stabilises the thumb to prevent instability
  • Holds your thumb in a neutral position to reduce discomfort
  • Aids healing so you can start using your thumb quickly
  • Comfortable design for use over prolonged periods
  • Holds your thumb in abduction from the palmar surface

Sizing of the Thumb-O-Prene Splint

The Thumb-O-Prene Support is available in three different sizes. Simply measure the circumference of your wrist and consult the table below to find out which size you require.

Size Wrist Circumference (cm)
Small 14 - 16.5cm
Medium 16.5 - 19cm
Large 19 - 21.6cm

Supports the Thumb in Abduction

The Donjoy Thumb Splint supports the thumb in abduction from the palmar surface. This provides functional positioning to arrest motion in the thumb while also preventing the thumb from rubbing against the rest of your hand.

Comfortable for All-Day Use

Designed with a contact closure mechanism, the Donjoy Thumb-O-Prene is easily fitted to your thumb and can be adjusted according to the level of compression you require. This helps you remain comfortable throughout use, making the splint suitable for use over prolonged periods of time.

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