Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace 
Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace 

Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace 

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  • Low profile and lightweight support for a range of ankle conditions
  • Available in three sizes, two widths and for the left or right foot
  • Features rigid uprights to protect ankle during impact
  • Prevents abnormal inversion/eversion and rotation
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Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace

If you're more susceptible to ankle injuries or you've recently undergone surgery in the area, it's important that you protect your ankle to prevent damage. The Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace represents an evolution in Donjoy ankle brace technology. Designed to stabilise the area and protect your ankle during impact, the support is an excellent way of allowing you to perform daily activities or even intensive sports!

Who Can Make Gains with the Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace?

Being sidelined with an ankle injury can hurt any athlete's performance, especially because there are very few sports that don't require footwork. Being out of action for too long can seriously reduce your stamina and abilities. The Donjoy Velocity helps prevent ankle injuries and speeds up the healing process for existing injuries, so you can get back out there as soon as possible.

The ankle brace is suitable for a range of conditions, including the following:

  • Acute ankle injury
  • Ankle injury prevention
  • Conservative use
  • Chronic ankle sprain
  • Post-operative ankle treatment
  • Prophylactic
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sore or tender ankles

Features and Benefits of the Velocity Ankle Brace

  • Comfortable, supportive ankle brace for a range of conditions
  • Great for post-operative treatment, ankle sprains and strains, tender ankles, and more
  • Prevents inversion, eversion and rotation while supporting the ligaments
  • Low profile, snug-fitting and comfortable design
  • Latex-free to prevent allergic reactions
  • Suitable for a range of sports, including tennis, golf and football 
  • Use for rehabilitation or prevention of an injury
  • Comes in a range of sizes for the left or right foot, and in two widths

Sizing of the Velocity Ankle Brace

The Donjoy Velocity Brace is available in three different sizes based on UK shoe sizes, allowing you to get a more tailored fit. Please consult the table below to find out which size you require.

Size UK Shoe Size
Small Sizes 5 - 7
Medium Sizes 7 - 11
Large Size 11 and Above

The support also comes in two different widths. To find out which size is best for you, please measure the circumference of your calf 20cm above your ankle.

Calf Width Calf Circumference (cm)
Standard 18 - 25cm
Wide 25 - 32cm

Lightweight Design

The Donjoy Velocity Ankle Support is a low-profile, lightweight ankle brace that prevents abnormal ankle inversion, eversion and rotation while also allowing natural, unrestricted dorsi and plantar flexion. This helps ensure your foot doesn't move into uncomfortable positions, which could increase your likelihood of sustaining an injury. The support also features rigid upright supports to protect the ankle during impact so you remain as safe as possible, even when you're taking part in extreme or contact sports.

Learn More About the Support

Find out more about the Velocity Ankle Brace by watching the video below. The support helps stabilise the area and can be used with a wide range of shoes.

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