Enertor Energy Accelerated Recovery Compression Socks
Enertor Energy Accelerated Recovery Compression SocksEnertor Energy Accelerated Recovery Compression SocksEnertor Energy Accelerated Recovery Compression Socks

Enertor Energy Accelerated Recovery Compression Socks

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  • Pair of spacious, highly breathable compression socks
  • Designed to push your anaerobic limit and maximise performance
  • Enertor are endorsed and used by athletic champion Usain Bolt
  • Provides compression to improve performance and recovery
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Enertor Energy Accelerated Recovery Compression Socks

When you're training, it can be easy to overlook and understate the value of recovery, but for serious athletes, recovery is as vital as performance. Enertor Energy Accelerated Recovery Compression Socks provide graduated compression whilst you recover, improving the blood flow in the lower half of the body. This maximises the natural bodily functions that ensure you can go again and again and again.

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What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Compression Socks

What Do Enertor Compression Socks Actually Do?

Compression Socks are designed to gently constrict the muscles along the leg. The level of compression gets gradually tighter the lower down the leg you go, forcing blood flow and circulation up the leg to prevent swelling in the ankles. For runners and other athletes this is vital, as the ankle is the second point of contact with ground generated impact after the feet.

Are Compression Socks Scientifically Proven to Work?

Yes. Numerous studies in recent years have concluded that both performance and recovery are aided by wearing compression socks. Please see below for a list of these sourced and cited studies:

Who Can Benefit from the Enertor Energy Compression Socks?

Enertor Energy Recovery Compression Socks are designed to help your body recover from a training session and prepare you for the next day, phase or competition. Compression socks help improve circulation and reduce lactic acid build up in the area, preventing cramps and helping your muscles recover. 

Indications include benefits for the following conditions and issues:

  • Cramps
  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Pain
  • Post-Workout Recovery
  • Recovery in Individuals with Venous Issues
  • Shin Splints
  • Soreness

Sizing Information for Enertor Energy Compression Socks

Evidence suggests that getting and wearing a compression socks that fits properly is of the utmost importance to the level of benefit you receive. Enertor Energy Recovery Socks are available in four sizes for a perfect fit every time. Please consult the table below to find out which size you require.

Size UK Shoe Size
Small UK Size 2.5 - 5
Medium UK Size 5.5 - 8
Large UK Size 8.5 - 12
Extra Large UK Size 12.5 - 13

Key Features and Benefits

  • Enertor products are used and endorsed by athletic champion Usain Bolt
  • Highly effective in the recovery and preparation phase of athletics
  • Ideal for those who are training and competing in sporting events
  • Provides graduated compression to improve circulation
  • Enhances oxygen delivery to help you recover quickly
  • Decreases lactic acid to alleviate cramps and recover muscles
  • Made with Nillit Innergy yarn to push your body's anaerobic limit
  • EnergyKnit band flexes and stabilises the socks for added comfort
  • Features ventilation panels to enhance breathability
  • Helps transfer moisture away from the body

How High Up My Leg Should a Compression Sock Go?

When worn correctly, compression socks shouldn't be resting any higher up than the back of the knee. A good way to tell if you're wearing them too high is to see if your knee cap is exposed or not. If your knee cap is covered, they're too high up. Your compression sock is designed to compress the calf and increase upward circulation.

Are Enertor Compression Socks Lightweight?

Not at all. Enertor use a combination of premium quality EnergyKnit and patented Nilit Innergy fibres to create a durable yet breathable pair of compression socks. This innovative fabric combination is strong enough to withstand wear after wear without feeling heavy and wool-like. 

Enertor Fabric

Far Infrared Ray System Technology

Enertor Recovery Compression Socks are made with Nillit Innergy yarn, which converts the natural thermo-energy of your body into Far Infrared Rays. This helps increase your energy levels, allowing you to shatter your body's anaerobic limit.

Enhanced Breathability and Ventilation

Designed with ventilation panels on its body, Enertor Energy Recovery Socks are highly breathable. They're made to transfer moisture away from your body so you stay cool and dry throughout use. They're perfect for keeping on during the vital rest, relaxation and recovery phases in between sets, laps and events.

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