Enertor  Impact Resistant Road Runner Heel Cups
Enertor  Impact Resistant Road Runner Heel CupsEnertor  Impact Resistant Road Runner Heel CupsEnertor  Impact Resistant Road Runner Heel Cups

Enertor Impact Resistant Road Runner Heel Cups

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  • Designed by leading podiatrists for multifunctional use
  • Endorsed by top athlete Usain Bolt
  • Helps to reduce heel pain by flexing around the natural shape of your foot
  • Proven to reduce the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis 
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Enertor Impact Resistant Road Runner Heel Cups

Unfortunately, running exclusively on the pavement can have a serious effect on your heels. Heel pain can strike when you're jogging around the block or training for your next marathon. Enertor Impact Resistant Road Runner Heel Cups are designed to reduce the pressure and impact generated by the pavement, targeting the cause of the pain before it gets out of hand. No matter what your level, give your feet the protection they deserve.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Heel Cups

What Are Heel Cups?

Heel cups are an innovative heel pain solution. Unlike heel pads, cups bend and fit around the natural shape and contour of your heels, forming a cushioned bed that works to absorb the impact and shock that is generated when your foot hits the ground.

Why Choose Enertor Over the Others?

Remember that bouncy feeling you get when you lace up a new pair of trainers and they just fit perfectly? Enertor Full Size Insoles bring that back. Committed to revitalising your work, running or leisure shoes, Enertor understand how good it feels to walk, jog and run pain free. After all, they're endorsed and worn by the champ...

Sizing of Enertor Comfort Heel Cups

The Enertor Impact Resistant Cups are available in three sizes so you're able to get a tailored fit. These are sized according to UK shoe sizes so you don't have to waste time measuring your feet! To find out which size you require, please consult the table below.

Size UK Shoe Size
Small UK Men's Size 3 - 5
Medium UK Men's Size 6 - 9
Large UK Men's Size 10 - 14

What Environments and Sports are Suitable?

Whether you're a serious runner or like a kick about at the weekend, don't let heel pain run your fun. See below for a few suggested activities that we believe suit Enertor Shock Absorbing Heel Caps:

Which Areas of the Body Can Benefit from Enertor Comfort Heel Cups?

Think your feet are the only thing hurting? Think again. If you suffer with any sort of pain in the feet, chances are that pain is already manifesting in a different part of the body. Designed by leading podiatrists so you get the pain relief you've always needed, Enertor Cups are proven to heal over 75% of plantar fasciitis sufferers whilst preventing secondary pain in the following regions:

  • Feet
  • Heels
  • Ankles
  • Legs
  • Hips

Key Features and Benefits

  • Endorsed by Usain Bolt
  • Reduce pressure on heel impact for added protection
  • Ideal if your heels are suffering on impact
  • Heel cups stick to the shoe to prevent movement
  • Can be transferred to other shoes when required
  • Reduces shock and protects against foot pain and injuries
  • Can be worn with existing insoles in your shoes
  • Reduces shock by 44%
  • Designed by leading podiatrists
  • Proven to heal over 75% of plantar fasciitis sufferers
  • Cushioning cups are contoured for an improved fit and comfort

Endorsed by Athletic Champion Usain Bolt

Enertor have created the only insoles worn and endorsed by gold-medal winner Usain Bolt! The Enertor Comfort Impact Resistant Inserts are ideal if you want to break your limits and move around without having to worry about heel pain. Whether you're wearing leather shoes or your heels are suffering on impact, these cups are ideal for you.

Treat Your Feet Kindly

These Comfort Heel Cups are designed so they're easy to apply and remove. The inserts stick to your shoes or existing insoles to prevent movement while you're on the go. They can simply be peeled off and transferred to other shoes when necessary.

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