Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer (1kg - 4kg)

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  • Revolutionary core trainer
  • Internal 'Power Shot' works the core
  • Audible click keeps your rhythm on track
  • In 1kg, 2kg or 4kg variations
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer (1kg - 4kg)

Core training is set for a revolution: introducing the Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer. A unique way of working your core, the CMT has already been making waves in the world of fitness thanks to it's ability to not only push users to new limits of their training, but to tell them when they are precisely on track

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer?

  • Reach the Core: As the name suggests, the CMT is all about developing the core – and all of the muscles involved in performing movement. The lubricated steel shot inside the CMT collides with the cavity walls and this force transfers to the user. It’s a significant force and you have to work hard to precisely control it – and that’s what develops core strength. The core is the body’s hub, handling all of the forces going through it, from walking to striking a tennis ball. A strong core is therefore essential if the body is to manage forces and move freely.
  • Hand-held Trainer: Performing a movement correctly makes sure that the material collides with the ‘sweet spot’ in the cavity. Hitting the sweet spot also creates a sharp, sudden sound. A change in tone occurs if the user loses focus or becomes fatigued, so users get instant, audible feedback, like a personal trainer in the palm of their hands.
  • Core Combinations: Works brilliantly as a specialist core tool, whether as the main route to core and abdominals development or as part of a varied programme using multiple training methods.
  • Target Muscle Groups: Ideal for accurately targeting specific muscles and movements. Mobility drills can prepare the body for all kinds of activity, from daily life tasks to specialist sports up to an elite level. Developed by a PhD physician specialising in the science of body movement and rehabilitation, the CMT is an incredibly precise way to target development in the core and wherever the user wants it the most.
  • Recovery, beginners or pros: Exercises can be performed standing, sitting, kneeling or travelling. This means that trainers and therapists can build exercises specifically for their clients, whatever their fitness level or desired outcomes. 

Features of the Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer 

Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer Features Power Shot Power Core Removable Handles
1. The Power Core: At the end of each movement, unique resistance content collides with force against the Power Core walls. Working hard to control the force is what guarantees an effective workout. The internal surfaces are carefully sculpted to stop the resistance content in the most effective way.

2. The Power Shot: The right force and the right sound. After exhaustive testing, an optimal mix of steel pellets and oil was chosen for the contents of the Power Core. This provides the right force, at the right time, to target the core. When working effectively, users hear a sharp, sudden sound.

3. Removable Handles: For even more versatility, the handles of the CMT can be removed and the Power Core used by itself. Having two configurations increases the ability to target the right muscular response. Removing the handles brings the force closer to the core, while training with the handles sends more of the energy through the limbs.

4. Quick and Easy Weight Identification: The green 1kg CMT is good for speed drills or for smaller athletes. The blue 2kg CMT is a good place to start for most users – it is the easiest weight to use to  get the correct audio feedback. The red 4kg option is good for developing power or for heavier or
stronger athletes.

5. Locking Pin and Secure Safety Straps: Straps are provided to attach around the wrist to ensure that the CMT is held in place. There is also a notch to ensure the handle is inserted properly, and then a ‘twist-to-click’ mechanism fully connects each handle to the Power Core.

Specifications of the Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer:

  • Weight: 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg (refers to the internal power shot)
  • Colour: Green, Blue, Red

The Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer comes with a 1 year warranty. 

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