Escape Fitness SBX Olympic Plate Set
 Escape Fitness SBX Olympic Plate SetEscape Fitness SBX Olympic Plate Set 

Escape Fitness SBX Olympic Plate Set

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  • Tough, resilient and accurate set of plates for a range of exercises
  • Made of a high grade SBX rubber with stainless steel bushing
  • Ergonomic handles make them easy to pick up, and give them a functional edge
  • Available in 1.25 - 25 kg weights (choose from one or two pairs of each) to suit a range of abilities 
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The Escape Fitness SBX Olympic Plate Set is a versatile, comprehensive and durable option for your gym. If you're serious about your lifting, you need serious products to train and compete with. Using sub-standard plates won't endear your equipment to gym regulars, and you run the risk of them breaking. Having weights that are falling apart reflects badly on the gym and won't be appreciated by members. A poorly equipped gym can quickly bid farewell to members, so it's important that you give them a top quality product. The SBX Olympic Plates are the solution to these problems, and are both durable and easy to use, as well as being the perfect choice for a wide range of exercises.

Who Can Make Gains with the SBX Olympic Plate Set?

Whatever exercises your members are looking to do, the SBX Olympic Plate Set is a great choice for your gym. With a stainless steel bush and an SBX rubber construction, they are tough and resilient and will withstand anything thrown at them, making them the ideal weight training tool. Thanks to the ergonomic handles they are both easier to pick up off the floor than regular plates, and more versatile, so you can use them as an exercise tool in their own right, for instance to add resistance to bodyweight exercises such as crunches or squats. Choose between one pair of each of the seven weights (check below for individual weights) or two pairs of each for larger facilities that want to cater to a wide range of strength levels.

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness SBX Plate Set

  • Tough, resilient and accurate plates suitable for a variety of purposes
  • Made of a special SBX rubber, with a stainless steel centre bush designed not to rust, or scratch an olympic bar
  • Ergonomic handles allow for easy plate changes and make them easy to pick up off the floor
  • Handles also allow the plates to be used in their own right as an exercise tool
  • Comes in a range of weights from 1.25 kg - 25 kg 
  • Choose from one pair of each weight (1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kg - 157.5 kg total, 14 plates) or two pairs (315 kg total, 28 plates)

The Escape Fitness Cross Grip Olympic Plates each come with a 2 year warranty.

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