HexArmor ColdRush Cooling Du Rag
HexArmor ColdRush Cooling Du RagHexArmor ColdRush Cooling Du RagHexArmor ColdRush Cooling Du Rag

HexArmor ColdRush Cooling Du Rag

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  • Helps keep your head cool during extreme physical activity
  • Extended Garmatex flap rests on neck for added cooling
  • Flat seams for comfortable wearability against the skin
  • Insert for use during high-impact sporting events
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HexArmor CoolRush Cooling Du Rag

When you're performing extreme physical sporting activities, your head can easily become overheated. The HexArmor CoolRush Cooling Du Rag cools down the top of your head and the back of your neck, making it easier for you to go the distance. This is particularly useful if you're spending long periods of time outside in the heat playing sports or taking part in sporting events.

Who Can Make Gains with the Cooling Du Rag?

Whether you're hiking, cycling or playing football outside, you might not notice the effect that the heat has on your body. If proper measures aren't taken, you can be at risk of dehydration or heat stroke. Whether you're hiking across country or trying to beat your competitors on the basketball court, suffering from dehydration or heat stroke can take you out of the running.

Stay cool and comfortable with the CoolRush Cooling Du Rag! The cloth works to keep the skin on the top of your head and down the back of your neck cool. This helps prevent you from overheating, meaning you're able to perform at your best throughout.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Personal cooling insert for wearing in high-temperature environments
  • Ideal for wearing during extreme physical sporting activities
  • Garmatex flap rests on the back of the neck to accelerate the cooling process
  • Features fast-drying microfibres and natural minerals in the Garmatex technology
  • Bact-Out antimicrobial technology provides optimal levels of hygiene
  • One size fits most for convenient use

Comfortable to Wear

In addition to the benefits the du rag has on your performance, the apparel is also a comfortable approach to cooling your skin. The cloth is shaped to cover the top of your head and features a cooling flap to cover and cool the back of your neck. As this is a prime cooling point, the support provides you with an enhanced approach to cooling down your body.

How Does ColdRush Work?

The ColdRush Du Rag features Garmatex cooling technology. This high-performance fabric is activated with moisture, allowing fast-drying microfibres and natural minerals to accelerate the cooling process whenever water evaporates.

The anti-microbial technology provides resistance against bacteria for improved hygiene. The Bact-Out properties provide odour control and help prevent against fibre deterioration, ensuring that the cooling qualities of the du rag can be utilised time and time again.

How Do I Use the Du Rag?

The HexArmor CoolRush Cooling Du Rag is not only useful, it's also incredibly easy to use. The cloth first needs to be soaked in water for around thirty seconds and then wrung out before it can be applied to your head. The du rag can retain its cooling effect for up to four hours, after which it can be resaturated and wrung out again for ongoing use.

The Du Rag can be machine washed and air dried, and should be stored dry. It is not suitable for bleaching.

Sizing Information

The HexArmor CoolRush Du Rag is supplied in one universal size to fit most users. This eliminates the need to obtain accurate head measurements prior to purchasing.

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