LP Elasticated Knee Stocking

LP Elasticated Knee Stocking

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  • Provides support and compression to the knee and shin
  • Suitable for use during the recovery of knee injuries
  • Helps to relieve pain in the knee associated with arthritis
  • Designed to conform to the contours of the knee and shin
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Whether you've recently suffered an injury, or have weak and stressed knees that may be prone to future damage, it's imperative to ensure that your knee is properly supported. The LP Elasticated Knee Stocking is designed to reduce both the pain and instability associated with injured and weak knees, providing the wearer with peace of mind and support. Made with durable elasticated materials, this support provides an excellent way to provide healing compression over the kneecap and shin.

This support is available in four different sizes to suit a variety of different leg types. Select your desired size using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Who Can Make Gains with the LP Elasticated Knee Stocking?

When your knees are unstable, they are more likely to become injured, painful and weak. This knee brace will reduce this instability, leading to a more controlled gait, and an increased ability to undertake walks, runs and sporting activities. These features also make it an excellent support for the relief of arthritic knee joints.

Elasticated Compression

One of the best ways to reliably reduce knee pain, as with other parts of the body, is to provide compression. The surgical-quality elastic used in this support will provide even compression to the knee and shin, working to relieve pain while stabilising the area. This allows the wearer to continue movement and athletic activity while their knee recovers.

Washing and Care Instructions

  • Hand wash with mild soap in cold water
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Air dry at room temperature
  • Do not machine wash or dry

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides support and compression to the knee
  • Reduces pain and instability during knee recovery
  • Ideal for weak and stressed knees
  • Provides firm compression to the knee and shin
  • Suitable to help the recovery process after injury
  • Ideal for providing relief from arthritic pain
  • Designed to conform to the contours of the knee and shin

Sizing Guide

To determine which size is right for you, measure the circumference of your knee around the centre of the patella with your leg fully extended.

Size Knee Circumference (cm)
Small 27.9 - 33m
Medium 33.7 - 40cm
Large 40.6 - 47cm
Extra Large 47.6 - 54.6cm

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