LP Elasticated Palm Brace

LP Elasticated Palm Brace

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  • Provides support and relieves pain in the palm and wrist
  • Suitable for use on injured, swollen and damaged palms
  • Firmly supports joint structures with gentle compression
  • Conforms to palm's contours for a slip-free fit during sports
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After injury to your palm, or if you suffer from a ligament or muscles condition affecting the centre of your hand, providing support and compression to the area can help to relieve pain and promote healing. The LP Elasticated Palm Brace provides support for the palm with gentle compression that can help to promote blood circulation and encourage healing. It is suitable for use on damaged ligaments and muscles, and conforms to the natural contours of the palm and wrist to stay put during sports and exercise.

As this support is designed with a tight fit, please choose the next size up if you fall on a sizing boundary.

Who Can Make Gains with the LP Elasticated Palm Brace?

This palm brace is designed to provide firm support for the maintenance of joint structures, providing gentle and even compression over the surface of the palm. This support provides the right kind of protection for weak, injured and unstable palms. It will provide effective support to damaged ligaments and muscles, allowing them to heal properly without fully restricting movement.

Sizing Guide

To determine which side is suitable for you, measure the circumference around your wrist and refer to the table below. As this brace is designed to provide a tight fit, please choose the next size up if you fall on a sizing boundary.

Size Wrist Circumference (cm)
Small 14 - 16cm
Medium 16 - 17.5cm
Large 17.5 - 20cm
Extra Large 20 - 22.9cm

Conforms to Palm for a Great Fit

This Elasticated Palm Brace is excellent for protecting your palm against further injury during sports and exercise. Since it conforms to the contours of the palm, it won't slip or ride up during even the most intense activity, making it an asset to athletic performance or all-day wear.

Key Features

  • Provides support for stiff, swollen or injured palms and wrists
  • Helps to relieve pain with even, gentle compression
  • Compression helps to promote blood flow to encourage healing
  • Firmly supports the maintenance of joint structures in the hand
  • Provides even compression of the palm to stabilise the area
  • Helps to support damaged ligaments and muscles
  • Conforms to the contours of the palm for a great fit
  • Won't slip or ride up during sports and athletic activity
  • Made of breathable, two-way stretch materials

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