LP Elasticated Wrist Wrap

LP Elasticated Wrist Wrap

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  • Provides heavy-duty support to the wrist
  • Supplied in one size to fit most users
  • Made of a 'space age' combination of materials
  • Suitable for support during most athletic activities
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Whether you've recently suffered an injury, or have weak and stressed wrists that may be prone to future damage, it's imperative to ensure that your wrist is properly supported. The LP Elasticated Wrist Wrap is made from a unique 'space age' material, which is a combination of extra-strength elastic and transverse nylon. This material allows the wrap to provide long-lasting, heavy-duty support that is suitable for a wide range of sports and activities.

This Wrist Splint is available in one universal size to provide an easy fit for most users.

Who Can Make Gains with the LP Elasticated Wrist Wrap?

Every athlete is different, so each one requires a different level of support and can handle a different range of motion. Since this Wrist Wrap is supplied in one universal size, it's important that the compression is adjustable so as to be ideal for each user. Depending on the severity of your condition and the size of your wrist, you can adjust the compression to your liking, and customise your support.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides support and compression to the wrist
  • Made of 'space age' material to provide heavy-duty support
  • Material is long lasting and durable
  • Suitable for use during most athletic activities
  • Ideal for weak and stressed wrists
  • Wrap-around design allows for full digit movement
  • Supplies compressive support to lightly restrict motion
  • Supplied in one universal size for an easy fit for all
  • Compression is adjustable to suit each user

Indications of the LP Elasticated Wrist Wrap

  • Weak wrists
  • Stressed wrists
  • Acute wrist injury
  • Wrist injury prevention

Sizing of the Wrist Splint

The LP Elasticated Wrist Wrap is supplied in one size to fit most people.

Washing and Care Instructions

  • Hand wash with mild soap in cold water
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Air dry at room temperature
  • Do not machine wash or dry

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