LP Waist Trimmer

LP Waist Trimmer

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  • Provides lower back support and abdominal lift
  • Helps to tone and shape waistline during exercise
  • Made with stretch nylon for comfort and compression
  • Increases perspiration to help shed unwanted inches
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In stock now

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For many people, it is difficult to retain proper posture during exercise, as the lower back can often become painful and fatigued during a workout. The LP Waist Trimmer helps to solve this problem by providing lower back support, as well as toning and abdominal lift. It can also retain heat on your waist, helping to increase perspiration and trim your waistline.

The LP Waist Trimmer is available in one size to fit most users.

Who Can Make Gains with the LP Waist Trimmer?

Whether you run, lift weights or do aerobics, retaining a proper posture can be difficult, especially for beginners. This neoprene support is made with 0.125 inch thick neoprene, providing comfort, compression and support to your waist. This will help you to stay upright and enjoy your workout for longer.

Heat-Retention and Comfort

Since neoprene is such a great heat-retaining material, it can increase perspiration on your waistline, helping you to rid those excess inches and water weight in no time at all. The thin design of this Waist Trimmer also makes it highly discreet, so you can wear it under your clothing whenever it's needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides support to your lower back
  • Effective in toning and shaping the waistline
  • Provides abdominal lift and proper posture
  • Made with stretch nylon for enhanced comfort
  • Retains body heat to increase perspiration
  • Helps to shed excess inches on your waistline
  • Supplied in one universal size to fit most people
  • Can be worn undetected underneath clothing

Washing and Care Instructions

  • Hand wash with mild soap in cold water
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Air dry at room temperature
  • Do not machine wash or dry

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