Neo G Lower Hernia Support
Neo G Lower Hernia SupportNeo G Lower Hernia SupportNeo G Lower Hernia Support
Neo G Lower Hernia SupportNeo G Lower Hernia Support

Neo G Lower Hernia Support

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  • Effective and discreet support for reducing symptoms of hernias
  • Provides gentle and gradual pressure to reduce inguinal hernias
  • Fitted with adjustable and removable pads for excellent comfort
  • Reduced stitching for less friction and irritation against the skin
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In stock now

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The Neo G Lower Hernia Support is a great option to minimise the effects of hernias. Hernias can make everyday life uncomfortable, and certain tasks, such as lifting or bending, can prove difficult. The Lower Hernia Support provides a discreet method of keeping hernias in check, with a comfortable design meaning it won't be a hindrance.

Who Can Make Gains Using the Lower Hernia Support?

The Hernia Support can be used as an aid for inguinal hernias pre- or post-surgery. Inguinal hernias are more common in men and are usually associated with ageing and repetitive strain on the abdomen. By reducing symptoms of recurrent overstrain and exertion, it can help prevent hernias worsening and help speed up your recovery after surgery. 

About the Lower Hernia Support

The Neo G Hernia Support helps to provide gentle and gradual pressure to reduce either right or left sided inguinal hernias. It helps reduce symptoms of recurrent bulge on exertion and strain (such as lifting or forward bending). The support is fitted with adjustable and removable pads for user comfort and effectiveness, and also features reduced stitching to reduce friction and irritation against the skin.

Features and Benefits of the Neo G Hernia Support

  • Helps inguinal hernias on the left or right side and can be used as a pre/post surgery aid
  • Adjustable pressure pad for accurate positioning and compression
  • Helps reduce symptoms of overstrain and exertion (such as lifting or bending)
  • Reduced stitching helps minimise the likelihood of friction and irritation for a comfortable product
  • Unisex and available in a choice of three sizes
  • Available in either left or right versions depending on your need

The Lower Hernia Support comes in sizes from Small to Large, based on waist circumference. Please consult the table below to see which size is best for you.

Size Waist Circumference (cm)
Small 65 - 80cm
Medium 80 - 100cm
Large 100 - 125cm

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