New Age Boccia Set and Pusher Bundle
New Age Boccia Set and Pusher BundleNew Age Boccia Set and Pusher BundleNew Age Boccia Set and Pusher BundleNew Age Boccia Set and Pusher Bundle

New Age Boccia Set and Pusher Bundle

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  • Bundle with everything needed to play boccia
  • Includes 13 balls: six red, six blue and one white
  • Two assistive pushers for low mobility players
  • Allows everyone to play on an even playing field
Available, dispatched in 1-14 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-14 days

New Age Boccia SetNew Age Boccia Set
New Age Boccia PushersNew Age Boccia Pushers
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The New Age Boccia Set and Pusher Bundle combines the New Age Boccia Set with the New Age Boccia Pushers. This bundle provides users with everything needed to start a game of boccia, with six blue balls, six red balls and one white ball, together with a pair of assistive pushers. With the addition of the boccia pushers, this bundle makes the sport of boccia equally accessible to all players.

Who Can Make Gains with the New Age Boccia Set and Pusher Bundle?

Boccia is a fun and exciting sport becoming more and more popular with an increasing number of people. First played at the Paralympic Games in 1984, it is now a recognised sport at the games and is experiencing a boom in popularity. This bundle makes the game accessible to users with limited levels of mobility, providing them with the opportunity to be on a level playing field with all other participants.

High Quality Boccia Balls

This set is supplied with 13 boccia balls: 6 red and 6 blue to differentiate between the two teams at play, and one white jack. The balls are hand stitched from a high quality synthetic leather and filled with plastic pellets to maintain an even weight and roll. These balls are made to an optimum size and mass of 270mm in diameter and 275 grams in weight.

Lightweight Aluminium Pushers

The pushers included in this bundle are designed to make the game of boccia accessible to all players, regardless of their level of mobility. Wheelchair users, those who find it hard to bend down and people with limited hand movement may not be able to roll their ball with adequate force and precision, and so these pushers are made to facilitate that process.

Each pusher is fitted with an aluminium telescopic handle, allowing players to adjust their pusher to their desired height. The pushers are 250 grams in weight each, allowing them to be easily manipulated by virtually any user. The plastic heads of these assistive pushers are specially designed to fit around the boccia balls in New Age Boccia Sets.

How to Play Boccia

Boccia is a relatively new sport similar to bocce, brought into the Paralympics in 1984. Played by individuals, pairs or teams of three, the aim of the game is to move the balls as close as possible to the white ball, or jack, which is thrown first. The aim of each turn is to either get closer to the jack than your opponent, or knock their balls away.

The team farthest away from the jack plays first, and each round ends once both teams have thrown all their balls. The winning team of each round earns one point for every ball closer to the jack than their opponent's closest ball. Balls can be moved with the hands, feet or an assistive device like the pushers included in this bundle, making this sport accessible to almost everyone.

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