New Age Bowls Indoor Activity Set

New Age Bowls Indoor Activity Set

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  • A complete bowls set, ready to play
  • Includes 8 bowls, 1 yellow jack and 1 foot mat
  • Supplied complete with a handy carrying pack
  • Suitable for able-bodied and disabled people of all ages
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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In educational and leisure settings, it can be difficult to find a game in which all players are on an even playing field, regardless of their ability level. The New Age Complete Bowls Set represents a unique approach to competitive and leisure activities, providing a sport that both able-bodied and disabled people can enjoy together.  The New Age Complete Bowls Set consists of 8 bowls (4 red, 4 blue), 1 yellow jack, a foot mat and a handy carrying sack.

New Age Bowls have a bias on the coloured bowls to behave like traditional bowls. The standard set is supplied with a non-biased jack. A Crown Green Jack (biased jack) is also available as an optional extra.

Who Can Make Gains with the New Age Complete Bowls Set?

This bowls set allows players to set up and enjoy a game almost anywhere. New Age Bowls can be played on any flat surface, from the school playground or car-park to a multitude of other surfaces including grass, carpet, vinyl, wood, marble etc.  Additional equipment can be purchased to cater to those who are not able to slide the bowl with their hands. 

How Do I Play New Age Bowls?

New Age Bowls can be played to the standard rules of Indoor Bowls, providing a fun indoor activity for beginners but providing a challenge for those wanting to master the sport.  The High Density Tactile Plastic Bowls perform just like any other bowls, with a bias, forehand, backhand or even a firing shot.


Endorsements for New Age Bowls have been granted by: World Bowls, Bowls England and English Indoor Bowling Association.

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