Portwest PA70 Rechargeable LED Headlight for Running and Cycling

Portwest PA70 Rechargeable LED Headlight for Running and Cycling

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  • Rechargeable headlight ideal for running and cycling in the dark
  • Head strap prevents too much movement during use
  • Features a 150 Lumen four hour long light that illuminates 10 metres ahead
  • Can be recharged using a USB charger
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In stock now

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The Portwest PA70 Rechargeable LED Headlight for Running and Cycling features a head strap that allows you to cycle and run with the head light attached to your head, perfect for exercising and keeping fit in the dark. The brightness is provided by a 150 Lumen LED light that illuminates 10 metres in front of you, while the rechargeable nature means that you can quickly recharge the light when required.

Who Can Make Gains with the Portwest PA70 Rechargeable LED Light?

The LED Light is designed for attaching to your head while you exercise. As it will illuminate the path in front of you for up to ten metres, it is perfect for running and cycling in the dark. It doesn't have to be used for running and cycling, and can be used for other forms of exercise too.

Key Features

  • IPX4 rated for wind and water resistance
  • Very bright thanks to the 150 Lumens that the LED light provides
  • Will run for four straight hours
  • Can be recharged using a USB stick
  • Rechargeable battery is included
  • Allows you to run and cycle

How Do I Use the Portwest LED Light for Running and Cycling?

If you're working in tough environments, you don't want your safety equipment to be more of a hindrance than a help. The PA70 Head Light can be turned on with a simple tap of the above button, making it a fast and simple torch. The strap can be tightened to your needs, allowing you to get the most perfect fit.

How Bright Is the LED Rechargeable Light?

The Led Light features a bulb that has a brightness of 150 Lumens, meaning that it will illuminate the path in front of you to a distance between 5 and ten metres. Additionally, you can alter the LED light between flashing, medium strength and high strength, which is perfect for workplaces that are susceptible to change in light.

How Long Will the LED Rechargeable Light for Running Last For?

The PA70 Rechargeable Head Light will last for a total of four hours before it runs out. You can recharge your head light with a USB cord. This means that you can charge it on the move, especially if you have a laptop at hand.


  • Battery: USB Rechargeable
  • Standards: IPX4
  • Brightness: 150 Lumens
  • Run Time: 4 Hours
  • Bulb: LED


Conformity Statement
Conformity Statement

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