Pro11 Hernia Belt
Pro11 Hernia BeltPro11 Hernia BeltPro11 Hernia Belt
Pro11 Hernia BeltPro11 Hernia Belt

Pro11 Hernia Belt

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  • Hernia belt for support and pain relief
  • Can be used before or after surgery
  • Velcro straps for secure fastening
  • Can be cleaned for good hygiene
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An inguinal hernia is a protrusion of an organ through the surrounding body tissue – often occurring through a weak area between the muscles. Hernias are more common in men than women, and usually occur in the groin or abdomen. A hernia can worsen with time, can be extremely painful during activities such as coughing and sneezing, and can severely limit your everyday and sports activities.

The Pro11 Hernia Belt is designed to provide effective support for inguinal hernias. Holding the hernia securely in place and supporting it with silicone pads, this belt provides superior support and pain reduction for both pre- and post-operative patients. Use of this belt can reduce the amount of time that you have to take off from sports and exercise due to a hernia.

How Does a Hernia Belt Work?

A hernia belt is an elasticated brace that holds the bulging herniated tissue in place to prevent it from protruding further. While a hernia belt usually cannot cure a hernia, it can be used as a temporary measure to prevent further herniation and ease pain and discomfort.

A hernia belt can be particularly useful in cases where doctors wish to observe the hernia for a period of time before they decide whether to operate or not. They can also provide post-operative support following surgery to fix a hernia.

Who Can Make Gains with the Pro11 Hernia Belt

The Pro11 Hernia Belt is suitable for anyone with an inguinal hernia, and can be used both pre- and post-surgery. This belt provides support to not only relieve pain caused by a hernia, but also to speed up your recovery so that you can be back on your feet – and back on the sports field or in the gym – without delay.

Features and Benefits of the Pro11 Hernia Belt

  • Elasticated hernia belt
  • Can be used pre- or post-op
  • Prevents hernia from protruding
  • Silicone pads support the hernia
  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Strong Velcro straps hold belt in place
  • Can be cleaned for good hygiene

Reduce Pain and Prevent Complications

The Pro11 Hernia Belt contains uniquely-shaped medical-grade silicone pads that provide maximum support to stop the hernia from protruding, and to relieve pain. It is made from premium materials for reliable support, and fastens with Velcro straps that hold it firmly in place for secure support. 


The Pro11 Hernia Belt can be cleaned for good hygiene. Simply remove the straps and pads, wipe the separate components with soapy water, rinse, and then air dry completely.

How Should the Pads Be Inserted?

The pads should be inserted with the flat side facing in. When the Hernia Belt is worn, the flat side should be resting against your body.

Sizing of the Pro11 Hernia Belt

The Pro11 Hernia Belt is available in three sizes. Please choose your size based on your waist measurement.

Size Waist Measurement (inches) Waist Measurement (cm) 
Small 26" - 35" 66 - 89cm
Medium 33" - 40" 84 - 101.5cm
Large 38" - 47" 96.5 - 119cm

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