ProCare Clinical Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling

ProCare Clinical Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling

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  • High-quality, durable sling with adjustable shoulder and body straps
  • Suitable for shoulder injuries and to prevent shoulder rotation
  • Features a comfortable shoulder pad for use over long periods
  • Ideal for post-trauma use after shoulder dislocations
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In stock now

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ProCare Clinical Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling

Traumatic injuries can cause the joint to rotate into uncomfortable positions, allowing for further damage. The ProCare Clinical Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling is designed to support the injury, preventing shoulder rotation and allowing fast healing.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Sling

Who Can Make Gains with the Clinical Shoulder Immobiliser?

Following a dislocation, overuse injury, or repetitive strain shoulder injury, it's integral that you stabilise and support the joint to prevent further damage to the area. This ProCare sling is constructed to immobilise the shoulder and arm to prevent the elbow, shoulder and arm from being damaged to ensure you can heal properly.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High-quality polycotton construction for durability
  • Contact closure adjustment to prevent rotation
  • Designed with shoulder pad for additional comfort
  • Fits either the left or right arm to suit your needs

Which Size Is Right for Me?

Please refer to the chart below to see the size of the envelope (i.e. the part of the sling in which you rest your arm) for each size of sling. To find your perfect size, please measure the length of your arm from your wrist to the tip of your elbow. Once you have your measurement, add 3" (or 8cm) to your result and match this to the envelope length in the table. 

Size Envelope Size (Depth x Length)
XX-Small 5 x 9" (12.5 x 23cm)
Extra Small 6 x 11" (15.5 x 28cm)
Small 7 x 13" (18 x 33cm)
Medium 8 x 15" (20.5 x 38cm)
Large 9 x 18" (23 x 46cm)
Extra Large 10 x 20" (25.5 x 51cm)

If your measurements fall between two sizes, we suggest choosing the larger to ensure that your entire forearm is protected.

Who Can Use the Clinical Arm Support?

The ProCare Clinical Shoulder Immobiliser can be used for the following applications:

  • Elbow support
  • Overuse injuries
  • Partial shoulder dislocations
  • Repetitive strain shoulder injuries
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Shoulder immobilisation
  • Shoulder rotation
  • Shoulder support

Ideal for Facilitating Rehabilitation

The Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling stabilises and supports your shoulder, allowing your body to rest and recover before you return to your normal daily routine. This support features a comfortable shoulder pad, meaning you can wear it for long periods without the material digging into your skin.

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