Neo G Supersoft Children's Arm Sling
Neo G Supersoft Children's Arm SlingNeo G Supersoft Children's Arm SlingNeo G Supersoft Children's Arm Sling
Neo G Supersoft Children's Arm SlingNeo G Supersoft Children's Arm SlingNeo G Supersoft Children's Arm Sling

Neo G Supersoft Children's Arm Sling

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  • Universal shoulder immobiliser specially designed for children up to 12
  • Help relieve pain in most shoulder injuries
  • Useful following fractures and trauma
  • Made from breathable soft sponge for comfort
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The Neo G Supersoft Children's Arm Sling is a paediatric arm sling specifically designed for the younger wearer as a universal shoulder immobiliser. This children's arm sling provides versatile and comfortable support that can be used to help relieve pain associated with most shoulder injuries. Dislocated shoulders, rotator cuff injures, collar-bone fractures and more are all catered to with this product. The Supersoft Arm Sling comes in one universal size and fits the left or right shoulder.

Who Can Make Gains with the Supersoft Arm Sling?

The Arm Sling is a great product for any youngsters who have damaged their shoulder, or for caring parents who want the best with regards to their children. It is made from a breathable sponge that moulds to the contours of the arm and shoulder and the adjustable straps provide a customisable fit.

The children's arm sling is useful following fractures and trauma. The support reduces unwanted movements across the entire shoulder complex and clavicle, improving the chance of proper joint alignment and healing. Muscle, tendon and ligament strains are improved by the arm sling through stabilisation and by flexing and elevating the forearm. This product can be used on either the right or left shoulder and comes in a universal size suitable up to approximately age 12.

Features and Benefits of the Neo G Children's Arm Sling

  • Paediatric arm sling designed specifically for the younger wearer
  • Immobilises the shoulder and provides comfort and support to relive the pain of most shoulder injuries
  • MHRA – registered 1st class medical device
  • 100% Breathable sponge fabric for a cool, comfortable experience
  • Adjustable straps for a customisable fit unique to the child
  • Universal paediatric size - up to age 12 approximately

Instructions for use:

1. Position the elbow in the corner of the large part of the sling
2. Hold arm in place and secure the straps around the body for secure hold as illustrated
3. Ensure that the compression is comfortable and does not restrict blood flow or movement to the user

Washing and Care Instructions

The Neo G Supersoft Children's Arm Sling can be washed to ensure good hygiene and prevent odours. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Hand wash only
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Dry flat


Inner Part - 100% Sponge
Outer Part - 100% Nylon

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