Rehband X-Stable Knee Support
Rehband X-Stable Knee SupportRehband X-Stable Knee SupportRehband X-Stable Knee SupportRehband X-Stable Knee Support

Rehband X-Stable Knee Support

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  • Stabilising knee support
  • Ideal for athletes who overuse knee joint
  • Neoprene construction warms area
  • Available in 6 sizes 
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Rehband Core X-Stable Knee Support

Athletes may be more likely to suffer from problems caused by joint and muscle overuse. Knee conditions such as patellar tendonitis and Schlatter disease are often caused by overuse, and can hold you back from your training. 

Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to both alleviate and prevent knee instability and pain. The Rehband X-Stable Knee Support is a sturdy support which effectively stabilises the knee joint, so you can continue doing what you love, pain-free.

Who Can Make Gains with the X-Stable Knee Support?

If you regularly play sports and start to experience joint pain, it's time to take action. The neoprene construction of the Core X-Stable Knee Brace retains heat around the affected area, aiding recovery whilst working to prevent future injury.

Featuring adjustable splints, sturdy straps and integrated kneecap protection, this superior brace ensures maximum comfort and support. Whether you suffer from a condition of the knee or not, the Core X-Stable Brace can benefit any ambitious athlete who wants to perform at their best.

Indications of the Rehband X-Stable Knee Support

The Rehband Core X-Stable Knee Support is suitable for aiding the following conditions:

  • Jumper's knee/patellar tendonitis
  • Osgood Schlatter disease
  • Collateral ligament injuries
  • Meniscus injuries
  • Knee instability
  • Overuse 

Features of the Rehband X-Stable Knee Support

  • Stable protection supports knee joint laterally
  • Polycentric double splints stabilise the knee joint
  • Splints are adjustable
  • Non-flexible straps for sturdy support
  • Integrated kneecap protection
  • Neoprene construction warms the area
  • Available in 6 sizes


  • 5mm SBR/neoprene 
  • Polyamide jersey
  • Aluminium splints


The splints should be individually fitted by a trained personnel for optimum fit.

  1. Open Velcro fastenings on the calf and thigh
  2. Pull up orthosis so that the kneecap lies precisely in the centre of the opening at the front
  3. Tighten Velcro fastening on thigh and calf
  4. To increase the specific pressure on the kneecap tendon or on the side of the kneecap, apply pelotte

Washing Instructions

  1. Close all Velcro
  2. Remove detachable splints
  3. Mesh laundry bag is recommended
  4. Stretch product while wet and let dry

Sizing Guide

Keep the knee slightly bent (about 30°) and measure the circumference (cm) around the leg, 10cm below the patella:

Size Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 31 - 33cm
Small 33 - 35cm
Medium 35 - 37cm
Large 37 - 40cm
Extra Large 40 - 43cm
XX-Large 43 - 46cm

Additional Information

This item contains neoprene. The time of use should not exceed 3 - 4 hours. If you are allergic to heat, it is not advised that you use this product. 

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