Sidas Anti-Friction Cream
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Sidas Anti-Friction Cream

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  • Protects skin from rubbing to protect against blisters
  • Moisturises for greater skin elasticity
  • Made using natural ingredients for healthier use
  • Available in 75ml or 15ml tubes &ndash great for portable use
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Blisters are an all-too common problem for almost all sportsmen and sportswomen. During vigorous activity, skin rubs against clothes, causing friction and blisters to develop. These can make it hard to move as well as you know you can, so it's vital that you can protect against them.

The Sidas Anti-Friction Cream provides an effective defence against blisters, forming a protective film between clothes and skin to prevent rubbing, keeping your skin in top condition and enabling you to perform at the top of your game.

Who Can Make Gains with the Sidas Anti-Friction Cream?

The Sidas Anti-Friction Cream is ideal for anyone who finds that blisters are getting in the way of their performance. The protective layer created by the cream provides exceptional protection against blisters, helping you to go further and for longer. It's ideal for anyone participating in almost any sport, ensuring that feet, armpits, nipples and anywhere else on the body is safe from blisters.

Protects Against Blisters

Once applied, the Anti-Friction cream forms a protective layer between skin and clothes, preventing blisters forming throughout any vigorous activity. This helps you stay at the top of your game for longer, no matter what your game is. 

Moisturises and Revitalises

As well as protecting against blisters, the cream also moisturises and revitalises skin. The film it creates between clothes and skin helps to make skin more elastic and improves its natural protection against rubbing, providing an extra level of protection and resistance against blisters while also making skin healthier.

Easy to Apply

The Sidas Anti-Friction Cream is also incredibly easy to apply thanks to its non-greasy texture. Simply rub it into the areas of your body prone to friction: feet, thighs, armpits, nipples and anywhere else that may need it before sport, and you're ready to go. Before big events like marathons, the cream can be applied as a preventative measure 10 to 15 days before the event.

Made with Natural Ingredients

To help you keep your skin as healthy as possible, the Sidas Anti-Friction Cream is made with 99% natural ingredients:

  • Shea butter
  • Marine collagen
  • Vitamin E
  • Witch hazel extracts

The Sidas Anti-Friction Cream contains no parabens or PEG, and utilises natural preservatives. What's more, the Anti-Friction Cream is not tested on animals.

Available in 15ml and 75ml Tubes

Ideal for use on home or on the move, the cream is available in 15ml and 75ml tubes – great for throwing in your gym bag or taking with you on a long hike.

Key Features of the Sidas Anti-Friction Cream

The key features of the Sidas Anti-Friction Cream are:

  • Protects skin against blisters during activity to prevent discomfort or pain
  • Moisturises and revitalises skin to keep it healthy and comfortable
  • Easy to apply to areas prone to friction for best protection
  • Made with natural ingredients and not tested on animals
  • Available in 15ml or 75ml tubes for easy use at home or on the move

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