Sissel Pilates Circle Resistance Ring

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  • Universal Pilates exercise ring
  • Helps develop upper and lower body strength
  • Improves core stability and muscle control
  • Assists with exercises 
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Sissel Pilates Circle Resistance Ring

Pilates is a great way of strengthening the body, improving your core strength and general fitness. But what if you want to enhance your training even further?

The Sissel Pilates Circle Resistance Ring can help you control your exercises, holding your arms or legs in the correct position. Providing resistance for both the upper and lower body, the ring can also intensify your core muscle control, developing your strength and stability further.

Who Can Make Gains with the Sissel Resistance Ring?

It was Joseph Pilates himself who invented the first ring for Pilates (often referred to as the "magic circle"), proof that Pilates rings really are intended to improve your training and are not gimmicks.

Whether you're experienced at Pilates and want to push yourself further, or are a beginner looking for added support, you can benefit from using a Pilates ring in your exercises. It can be used like a support, guiding your body into correct positioning, for example when held between your legs. It also targets specific muscles and delivers resistance to increase the toning benefits of Pilates.

Therefore, whatever your level of ability, the Sissel Resistance Ring is useful to anyone wanting to push themselves a little harder to reap even better results.

Features of the Sissel Pilates Circle

  • Universal exercise ring for Pilates
  • Flexible
  • Padded handles for comfort
  • Helps develop upper and lower body strength
  • Improves core stability 
  • Increases muscle control
  • Ideal for sit-ups
  • Can be used with other Pilates and fitness equipment
  • Comes complete with exercise chart

Technical Specification

  • Diameter: 38cm
  • Material: metal ring covered in plastic

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