The Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini

The Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini

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  • Smaller version of the McKenzie Lumbar Super Roll
  • Ideal for those with a small/medium build
  • High density foam retains support for longer
  • Ideal for more permanent use e.g. whilst using office chairs
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The Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini

Lower back pain can have an impact on the ability to be active and participate in sports, as well as cause pain during everyday tasks. The Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini is the smaller version of The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll and is suitable for those who are of a small/medium build and require firm support because of back issues caused by improper sitting.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Lumbar Roll

Who Can Make Gains With The Super Lumbar Roll Mini?

The Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini is a lumbar support which helps to prevent and reduce lower back discomfort caused by long periods of sitting in an unsupportive chair. While specifically targeting therapy towards the lower back and spine, its injection moulded foam naturally contours around your back, providing bespoke support. This makes it ideal for just about anyone who feels pain or stiffness after sitting, allowing them to move easier and perform better.

The Key Area of Support Offered by the Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll
The Key Area of Support Offered by the Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini

What Causes Back Pain When Sitting?

Generally speaking, sitting down causes the back muscles and ligaments to stretch, which puts stress on the surrounding tissue. Over time, this can build into discomfort, fatigue and ultimately pain. Since many chairs do not support the natural shape of the spine, they can encourage sitters to adopt hunched or bent positions, which only make this strain worse.

How Can a Lumbar Support Resolve This Pain?

By gently pushing in on your lower spine, a lumbar support helps your body and spine achieve a more natural posture. This allows the muscles and ligaments surrounding your spine to relax, and gradually reduces the strain on surrounding tissues.

How Do I Use the Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini?

It is exceptionally easy to use the McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini. For best results, it should be strapped to your chair at waist height. Then you should sit upright, as far back in your chair as is possible.

What Are the Dimensions of the Roll?

A smaller version, the mini roll has a length of 36cm, a height of 14.5cm, and a thickness of 5cm.

Who Can Benefit From a McKenzie Super Roll Mini?

A McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini is ideal for anyone who experiences back discomfort from sitting in straight backed chairs or chairs which do not provide proper ergonomic support to their spine, and who has found more moderate support is insufficient or uncomfortable. This is particularly true for anyone whose job demands they sit for long periods of time without many opportunities to stand or walk around, such as office workers or professional drivers.

How Dense Is This Lumbar Roll? 

This firm lumbar roll uses injection moulded foam and has a high density to provide the best level of lumbar support. Because of its high quality construction the Super Lumbar Roll Mini can be relied upon to maintain its dynamic, contouring qualities and density even after extended use.

How Comfortable Is the McKenzie Super Roll Mini?

The injection moulded foam helps to perfectly contour your body for the most comfortable fit. While firm, this lumbar roll is less deep than other models, and does not feel too awkward on your chair.

Which Kinds of Chair Is This Lumbar Roll Suitable For?

The Original McKenzie Super Roll Mini works well with a wide selection of chairs of different kinds, including:

  • Office chairs
  • Settees or sofas – if there is an appropriate back-cushion or other location to strap the support
  • Arm chairs
  • Car Seats
  • Desk chairs
  • Kitchen/dining chairs
  • Any other straight backed chair in which you must spend extended periods

When Should I Use the McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini?

You should use the Original McKenzie Super Lumbar Roll Mini whenever you expect to sit for a long period of time, even before your back pain has developed – since it works best to prevent the emergence of discomfort. Because it uses a standard clip buckle, the roll is easy to attach and remove from chairs, so can be moved between different seats during the day.

What If I Want Something with a More Shallow Profile?

If you require a cushion with less depth than this lumbar roll, the Original McKenzie Slimline Lumbar Roll is an asymmetrical alternative with a depth of 2". This flatter design is ideal for elderly users, or those with smaller builds, and features a similar crescent shape to hug the contours of your back.

Is There a Basic Model Available?

The original Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll has none of the added flash of other models of Original McKenzie Lumbar Rolls, but offers everything you need for effective lower back pain and discomfort relief. Its standard foam body is medium density, and is comfortable to use despite its larger size than some models.

Can I Buy a Heavy-Duty Version?

For firmer support than is offered by the standard model, the Original McKenzie Heavy Duty Lumbar Roll is a high density alternative. In the same shape, and available with the same thicknesses as the standard model, this version simply offers firmer support.

Is There a Travel Alternative?

The Original McKenzie Airback Lumbar Roll is an inflatable alternative designed to maximise comfort and prevent pain when travelling. This can be a particular problem on planes, trains or coaches, and the inflatable design of the Airback allows it to be quickly packed away or used whenever needed.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Flexible polyurethane foam (injection moulded)
  • Dimensions (L x H): 360 x 145 mm

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