Thermoskin Sports Adjustable Ankle Support

Thermoskin Sports Adjustable Ankle Support

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  • Provides compression, support and warmth
  • Ideal for increased activity
  • Moisture-absorbing for comfort
  • Adjustable design tailors to your needs
Available, dispatched in 1-3 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days

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The Thermoskin Sports Adjustable Ankle Support has been developed to provide an unparalleled level of support to your ankle to help you improve your sporting abilities no matter your discipline of choice.

Who Can Make Gains from the Thermoskin Sports Adjustable Ankle Support?

Getting the best support possible is key to getting the most out of your performance and boosting your abilities. The Thermoskin Sports Adjustable Ankle Support gives you that support. By helping to make your ankle as comfortable as possible while providing light compression, the adjustable ankle support gives you the performance boost you need.

Features and Benefits of the Thermoskin Sports Adjustable Ankle Support

  • Provides compression, support and warmth to your ankle
  • Designed for sporting use
  • Moisture-absorbing provides extra comfort and to your ankle, preventing the build-up of sweat
  • Stretches and conforms to your ankle for an ideal fit and all-round compression
  • Easy to fit
  • Comes in one universal size

Fitting the Thermoskin Sports Adjustable Ankle Support

To properly fit the Thermoskin Sports Adjustable Ankle Support, follow these instructions:

  1. Place the loop of the support over your heel, with the strap angled to the outside of your foot and angled towards your toes
  2. Pull the strap gently
  3. Wrap the strap over the bridge of your foot and down underneath the arch
  4. Tighten the strap as you cross it over the bridge again
  5. Wrap the strap around the outside of the ankle and back on itself
  6. Secure the Velcro in place

Be sure to consult a healthcare specialist before buying this product so you know it's right for you.

Unique 3-Layered Material

The Thermoskin Sports Adjustable Ankle Support is made from 3 layers of different material, which all come together to provide a fantastic level of support which is ideal for sports.

The G7 Flex Lining is designed to give warmth and comfort to your ankle, absorbing moisture and keeping your ankle sweat-free.

The S-Strength Core is an incredibly light material which is wonderfully soft and stretchy, providing all-around support and compression.

The VR System makes the support incredibly easy to adjust, enabling you to easily fit it to your ankle for the best possible results.

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