Thuasne Genu Soft Knee Support
 Thuasne Genu Soft Knee SupportThuasne Genu Soft Knee Support 

Thuasne Genu Soft Knee Support

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  • Anatomically shaped weave for improved stability
  • Has a comfort zone beneath the knee for support
  • Provides compression of around 17mmHg
  • Soft elastic knee sleeve is easy to put on
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Thuasne Genu Soft Knee Support

Feeling unbalanced and unstable as a result of a knee injury can get in the way of your training and might even cost you a medal. With its elastic compressive weave, the Thuasne Genu Soft Knee Support provides proprioception to help you get back to full mobility again. 

Who Can Make Gains with the Genu Soft Knee Support?

Designed to compress your knee, the Genu Soft Brace can help speed up your recovery. This allows you to start training again as quickly as possible so you can have a chance of winning your next match. The support can be used when you're just getting back into your training and performing limited activity.

Features and Benefits

  • Soft elastic knee sleeve
  • Sleeve can easily be put on
  • Proprioception provided by elastic weave
  • Provides compression of around 17mmHg
  • Comfort zone beneath the knee

Indications for the Thuasne Genu Soft

  • Limited activity
  • Mild to indeterminate pain
  • Support and proprioception

Weave Provides Compression

The Genu Soft Knee Support has a weave providing moderate compression of around 17mmHg to the area, making it ideal for reducing mild pain. The support is anatomically shaped to help further support and stabilise your knee, ensuring you aren't out of action too long so you don't let your team down. Designed with a comfort zone beneath the knee, the Genu Soft helps prevent damage or re-injury to the area.

Sleeve Can Be Put on Easily

As the Genu Soft is a sleeve, it can easily be pulled up the leg and placed around your knee. Its one-piece design ensures you won't lose any separate parts and helps you remain mobile while providing moderate compression. As the brace is anatomically shaped and elastic, it doesn't restrict movement too much and allows you to kneel or bend your legs as usual.

Sizing of the Genu Soft Support

The Thuasne Genu Soft Support is available in five different sizes. Bend your knee slightly and measure the circumference of your knee in the middle of the patella (kneecap) to find the correct size from the table below.

Size Knee Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 32 - 34cm
Small 35 - 37cm
Medium 38 - 41cm
Large 42 - 45cm
Extra Large 46 - 49cm

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