Thuasne Ligaflex Immo Knee Brace

Thuasne Ligaflex Immo Knee Brace

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  • Four adjustable stays for further immobilisation
  • Anti-slip systems helps keep the brace in place
  • Has three mobile panels for easy adjusting
  • Adjusts to all leg and thigh circumferences
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Thuasne Ligaflex Immo Knee Brace

Runners and gym-goers tend to have more muscly thighs than most, so it can be difficult to find a knee support that accommodates this. With its three mobile panels, the Thuasne Ligaflex Immo Knee Brace adjusts to all leg and thigh circumferences for your peace of mind.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ligaflex Immo Support?

Exercise can put pressure on your knees, causing damage to its cartilage and ligaments which often needs surgery to repair. The Thuasne Immo Knee Brace has been created to immobilise the area following an operation, ensuring you're given sufficient support so you can recover quickly. This allows you to get back to running or lifting weights at the gym quickly, meaning you could beat your personal record earlier than anticipated.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Immobilising Knee Brace for use after an operation
  • Has four adjustable stays for further immobilisation
  • Anti-slip system so the brace remains in place
  • Tightening straps allow you to choose level of immobilisation
  • Improved brace support of the leg
  • Adjusts to all leg and thigh circumferences
  • Has three mobile panels for easy adjustment
  • Available in four different sizes so you can find your right fit
  • Open design at the knee for improved breathability

Indications for the Ligaflex Immo

The Thuasne Knee Brace can help the following conditions:

  • Post-operative conditions
  • Post-operative repair

For Which Activities is the Ligaflex Immo Suitable?

The Ligaflex Immo Knee Brace is designed for the resumption of non-contact sports and daily activities following a mild to moderate knee injury or condition. This allows you to continue with your routine without delay.

Adjustable Stays

Thuasne's Ligaflex Immo Knee Brace has four adjustable stays to better immobilise your knee. This is important to ensure your knee heals correctly after surgery and doesn't move in painful positions as this can exacerbate the injury.

Anti-Slip System

Designed with an anti-slip system, you can rest assured that the Ligaflex Immo Support will remain in the correct place to provide you with the best possible support. With its tightening straps, the brace allows you to choose the correct level of immobilisation and also offers improved safety.

Sizing of the Knee Brace

The Ligaflex Immo is available in four different sizes. To find the correct size for you, measure the circumference of your knee in the middle of the patella with your knee slightly bent then consult the table below.

Size Knee Circumference (cm)
Small 35 - 37cm
Medium 38 - 41cm
Large 42 - 45cm
Extra Large 46 - 49cm

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