Thuasne LombaStart Spinal Back Brace
 Thuasne LombaStart Spinal Back BraceThuasne LombaStart Spinal Back Brace 

Thuasne LombaStart Spinal Back Brace

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  • Back support and compression belt
  • Ideal for lower back pain and lumbar steniosis
  • Limits potentially dangerous spinal movements
  • Additional strap for easy adjustment during the day
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Thuasne LombaStart Spinal Back Brace

The comfortable, spring-loaded steel stays of the Thuasne LombaStart Spinal Back Brace offers support to your spine, easing discomfort and improving your posture. The LombaStart model features an additional strap, allowing for a higher degree of support as well as easy adjustments to the degree of compression throughout the day.

Who Can Make Gains with the Thuasne Back Brace?

When nursing a back injury back to health, it is imperative that your back is supported, to both prevent further injury and allow the natural healing process to take place. This back brace is the perfect tool for doing just that, as it provides flexible, lightweight and comfortable support so you can get back to training, or everyday life, sooner.

Who Can Use the LombaStart Spinal Back Brace?

The back brace is suitable for conditions such as the following:

  • Non-specific low back pain (acute, subacute, chronic phases)
  • Lumbar stenosis

Key Features of the LombaStart Spinal Back Brace

The LombaStart Brace has several indispensable features:

  • Strong Support: Spring-loaded steel stays support the back and limit potentially dangerous movements
  • Discreet and Comfortable: Lightweight fabric and seamless sewing for comfortable, discreet design
  • Easy to Fit: Finger loops and a helpful logo ensure that fitting the brace is an easy and stress-free process
  • Improved Compression: An additional strap allows for a higher degree of compression
  • Proprioception: The belt encourages healthy movements and a good posture to get you back to full health

Sizing of the Thuasne Back Brace

The back brace is available in two heights depending on your own height and the length of your spine. Both small and large braces are available with five possible waist circumferences, as indicated in the table below. To select your size, please see the drop down menu at the top of the page. 

Size Waist Circumference
T1 60 - 80cm
T2 75 - 95cm
T3 90 - 110cm
T4 105 - 135cm
T5 120 - 141cm

The Thuasne Back Brace is also available in two heights: Small and Large. The Small brace has a height of 21cm and the Large has a height of 26cm.

Why Use a Back Belt? 

Back belts are designed to reduce the load on the spine and to encourage a healthy and straight posture. Lumbar injuries can be caused by a range of things, including sports, day to day living or a sudden blow to the spine. These injuries result in symptoms such as loss of mobility and back pain.

How Does the Thuasne Spinal Back Brace Help the Lumbar Joint? 

The Thuasne belt works by increasing your intra-abdominal pressure, which helps to correctly align and support your intervertebral discs. These discs are essential for range of motion, stability, and shock absorption for the spine. The lumbar belt offers light immobilisation of the lumbar area, preventing extreme movements which might cause further damage to your spine.

How Do I Fit the Back Brace?

Ask your healthcare professional to shape the stays to fit the curvature of your back and ensure you get the right support for your body. The brace features finger loops for easy fitting and a logo to indicate which is the right size up.

How Comfortable Is the Back Brace?

The lightweight fabric and seamless design of the back brace ensures the maximum level of comfort. The belt can be easily adjusted to establish the right level of compression for your requirements, and the material at the hips and ribs have been designed with angles to result in optimum comfort. The lumbar belt helps to keep the lumbar joint warm, which improves circulation and recovery as well as easing discomfort.

What Is the Function of the Additional Strap?

The LombaSkin Back Brace features an additional strap which fastens over the standard belt straps. This provides improved compression and support for your spine, and also allows for hassle-free adjustments to the belt over the course of the day.

Who Are Thuasne?

Thuasne is a French company at the forefront of orthopaedic health. They are dedicated to providing comfortable, ergonomic products with effective medical performance. Their slogan; "wings for your health," reflects their commitment to supporting patients who are seeking their own treatment.

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