Thuasne Pero-Med AFO III/II

Thuasne Pero-Med AFO III/II
  • Lightweight design for use over long periods
  • Secures your walking gait and motion
  • Anatomical shape for extra comfort
  • Effective right-angle foot support

Thuasne Pero-Med AFO III/II

As a sportsperson, getting a diagnosis for drop foot can be a shock to the system. The condition changes your gait to such an extent that you might suffer from imbalance and instability as a result. The Thuasne Pero-Med AFO III/II is a right-angled support that helps secure your walking motion. The brace has been designed to correct the way you walk for those suffering from foot drop, allowing you to remain active while you retrain your leg to move in a certain way.

Who Can Make Gains with the Pero-Med AFO?

Although foot drop tends to affect those who aren't very active, it can be caused by a number of other issues, like sustaining an injury to the spinal cord. This is common in athletes who take part in dangerous or high-impact sports like football, basketball or waterskiing. The Pero-Med AFO helps you remain active to ensure you don't suffer from major deficits before you return to training.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for those who suffer from foot drop
  • Effective right-angle foot support
  • Stylish white design can be worn without drawing attention
  • Secures your walking motion
  • Extra comfort thanks to anatomical shape
  • Lightweight so you can use it over long periods
  • Doesn't overwork your leg muscles and joints
  • Can be worn with all types of flat shoe
  • Lifts the shoe up while you walk
  • Helps correct your gait
  • Available in left or right model
  • Available in four different sizes

Prevents You From Dragging Your Foot

A common sign of foot drop is that most tend to drag the foot along behind them, and this can cause frustration when the symptom doesn't abate. The Thuasne AFO helps to lift the shoe up when you walk in order to correct your gait.

Comfortable Brace

The Pero-Med AFO III/II has an anatomical shape so it feels as comfortable as possible against your skin. This allows you to wear it with all types of flat shoe, allowing you to continue going about your daily activities so you remain active throughout the healing process. Its lightweight design ensures the support doesn't overwork your leg muscles and joints.

Sizing of the Pero-Med AFO

The Pero-Med AFO is available in four different sizes (small, medium, large and extra large). To find the correct fit for you, measure the length of your foot and check the table below.

Size EU Shoe Size UK Shoe Size*
Small Size 35 - 37 Size 2.5 - 4
Medium Size 37 - 39 Size 4 - 5.5
Large Size 39 - 41 Size 5.5 - 7
Extra Large Size 41 - 44 Size 7 - 9.5

*Please note that all UK shoe sizes are approximate, based on the EU shoe size. The sizing of your shoes might differ depending on the manufacturer and style of the shoes.

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