Thuasne Rebel Lock Standard Speciality Knee Brace

Thuasne Rebel Lock Standard Speciality Knee Brace

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  • Anti-migration strap padding ensures brace remains in correct position
  • Uses an exclusive synergistic suspension strap to hold knee in place
  • Anti-rotational tibia shell to prevent painful movements in the area
  • Ideal for those with severe instabilities requiring locking orthosis
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Thuasne Rebel Lock Standard Speciality Knee Brace

If you suffer from severe knee instability or your total knee replacement surgery failed, stabilising and supporting the area to protect it from future damage is integral. The Thuasne Rebel Lock Standard Speciality Knee Brace has been designed to compress the area to help strengthen the surrounding muscles and relieve pressure on the joint. With its anti-migration strap padding, your knee will remain secure throughout use.

Who Can Make Gains with the Standard Speciality Knee Brace?

Having knee surgery is far too common for athletes, particularly if you play sports that increase wear and tear on the joint, such as football, running and skiing. Although total knee replacement surgeries are predominantly successful, in some cases they fail.

If the knee hasn't been able to be fixed in surgery, it's likely to deteriorate further. The Rebel Lock Knee Brace has semi-rigid padded inserts attached inside the thigh shell to ensure the area is protected following surgery.

Key Features of the Rebel Lock

  • Exclusive synergistic suspension strap
  • Anti-migration strap padding
  • Anti-rotation tibia shell
  • Compression suspension package
  • Package enhances brace suspension and dynamic support
  • Semi-rigid padded inserts attached inside thigh shell
  • Inserts compress into sides of leg proximal to knee joints
  • Anterior and posterior straps allow you to adjust pressure
  • Ideal for those with severe instabilities
  • Perfect for those requiring locking orthosis
  • Stylish purple design
  • Available in five different sizes so you can find your fit

Compression Suspension Package Included

The Standard Speciality Knee Support's compression suspension package enhances brace suspension and increases dynamic support. Semi-rigid padded inserts are attached inside the thigh shell to compress into the sides of the leg proximal to the knee joints, providing you with improved support. Anterior and posterior straps also allow you to adjust the pressure according to your needs.

Indications for the Thuasne Speciality Knee Support

Thuasne's Rebel Lock has been designed to improve the following conditions:

  • Failed total knee replacement
  • Limited knee flexion
  • Severe instabilities
  • Weak extensor muscles

Size Guide

Find out which size you need for the Rebel Lock Knee Brace by taking the following three measurements and checking the table below:

  1. The circumference of your thigh 15cm above the mid-patella (knee joint).
  2. Your knee's width at the centre of the knee.
  3. The circumference of your calf 15cm below the mid-patella.
Size Thigh Circumference 15cm Above Knee (cm) Knee Width (cm) Calf Circumference 15cm Below Knee (cm)
Extra Small 31.75 - 39.3cm 7.6 - 8.9cm 27.9 - 31.75cm
Small 39.3 - 47cm 8.9 - 10.16cm 31.1 - 34.9cm
Medium 47 - 53.3cm 10.16 - 11.43cm 33.65 - 38.1cm
Large 53.3 - 59.7cm 11.43 - 12.7cm 36.1 - 40cm
Extra Large 59.7 - 63.5cm 12.7 - 14cm 38.1 - 43.1cm

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