Thuasne Silistab Malleo Ankle Support

Thuasne Silistab Malleo Ankle Support
  • Anatomically shaped weave stabilises ankle
  • Has a compressing knit of around 21mmHg
  • Protects the malleoli from irritation
  • Ankle sleeve with malleolar pad

Thuasne Silistab Malleo Ankle Support

Suffering from pain in your malleoli (i.e. the bones on each side of your ankle) can be debilitating, particularly since the bones protrude and therefore chafe against your socks and shoes. The Thuasne Silistab Malleo Ankle Support helps protect the malleoli and compresses the whole of your ankle.

Who Can Make Gains with the Malleo Ankle Support?

If you've fractured your malleolus in the past and still suffer from occasional pain as a result, this can make it difficult to concentrate on playing sports. The Thuasne Malleo Ankle Support has been designed to protect your malleoli from unwanted discomfort and is ideal when you're just beginning to resume activities following an injury to the area.

Unlike other supports, the Silistab Malleo is anatomically shaped so it doesn't restrict your movement too much yet it's still able to provide firm compression to your ankle. This also means it can be worn with most shoes, including trainers or football boots.

Features and Benefits

  • Ankle sleeve with malleolar pad
  • Pad helps prevent further injury or discomfort
  • Soft ankle support to protect your joint
  • Silicone insert protects the malleoli
  • Insert also supports the instep, which is prone to discomfort
  • Proprioception as a result of elastic compressing weave (around 21mmHg)
  • Anatomically-shaped weave to support your ankle
  • Can be worn with shoes
  • Lightweight design is ideal for daily use
  • Inconspicuous, stylish black design
  • Available in six different sizes so you can find your right fit

Indications for the Silistab Malleo

Thuasne's Silistab Malleo can be used for these conditions:

  • Protection of malleoli
  • Resumption of activity
  • Support and proprioception

Elastic Weave

The Malleo Ankle Support has been created with an anatomically shaped elastic weave. This provides proprioception as a result of the sleeve's compressive nature. The support compresses your ankle at around 21mmHg.

Maximum Malleoli Support

Designed with a malleolar pad, the Thuasne Silistab Malleo helps protect your malleoli and support the instep. This ensures you get the best possible support to help prevent further injury or discomfort.

Sizing of the Thuasne Ankle Brace

Created in six different sizes, you can obtain the best support possible by selecting the correct size. Simply measure the circumference of your ankle above the malleoli (i.e. bones on each side of your ankle) and check the table below.

Size Ankle Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 19 - 20cm
Small 21 - 22cm
Medium 23 - 24cm
Large 25 - 27cm
Extra Large 28 - 30cm
XX-Large 31 - 33cm

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