Thuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Walker Boot
 Thuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Walker BootThuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Walker Boot 

Thuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Walker Boot

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  • Liner of the XLR8 is removable and washable
  • Has a rigid shell and adjustable toe guard
  • Air cells provide a precise anatomical fit
  • Full shell Pneumatic Walking Boot
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Thuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Walker Boot

Fracturing your foot or suffering from ligament and tendon-related trauma/injury are fairly common conditions, particularly for skiiers and runners. Walker boots have been designed to protect your foot following an injury or surgery. The Thuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Walker Boot has a rigid shell to protect your foot and inflatable air cells to provide you with a precise anatomical fit even when you're suffering from oedema, making it perfect for helping you recover quickly.

Who Can Make Gains with the XLR8 Pneumatic Walker?

As the Pneumatic Walker Boot has been created for use following a range of different foot injuries, it's ideal for those who are more susceptible to these. This includes: those who play football and American football; skiiers; and rugby players. The boot can be used to help the following conditions:

  • Fracture of the foot
  • Fracture of the front of the foot
  • Ligament and tendon-related trauma/injury
  • Pre- or post-operative ankle stabilisation
  • Severe sprains
  • Ski injuries

The walker boot allows you to get back on your feet more rapidly as it reduces swelling and oedema with its integrated air cells. Although you likely shouldn't perform sporting activities with the above conditions the walker can help you get back on your feet doing everyday tasks, taking you one step closer to getting back on the slopes or the track.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Full shell pneumatic walking boot
  • Rigid shell contains two integrated independent air cells
  • Provides a precise anatomical fit
  • Air cells are quick and easy to inflate
  • Cells adjust pressure to the oedema once boot is in place
  • Liner of the XLR8 is removable and washable
  • Adjustable toe guard helps protect front of the foot
  • Curved, anti-skid sole helps with natural walking
  • Boot is available in long and short version

Ultimate Protection

Designed with a rigid shell, the Pneumatic Walker Boot helps keep your injury safe from further trauma. The boot also has an adjustable toe guard to protect the front of your foot, which is prone to scuffs and damage. Although the Walker Boot provides you with ultimate protection, it's also been designed with a curved, anti-skid sole to help you walk naturally.

Integrated Air Cells

The rigid shell contains two integrated, independent air cells for a precise anatomical fit. These air cells can be quickly and easily inflated to adjust the pressure to the oedema once the boot is in place. This provides you with a personalised fit to help reduce swelling.

Can I Buy a Replacement Liner?

Yes, a replacement liner can be purchased for the walker boot. Please see here for the replacement liner for the Thuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Walker Boot.

Sizing of the XLR8 Walker Boot

The XLR8 is available in five different sizes. To find your perfect fit, simply use your UK shoe size and check the table below.

The Walker Boot is also available in either a long or a short version. The short version is better for forefoot injuries or post-operative use.

Size UK Shoe Size
Extra Small Under Size 3
Small Size 3 - 5
Medium Size 5.5 - 9
Large Size 9.5 - 12
Extra Large Over Size 12

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