Trion:Z Copper Skin:Z Elbow Support
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Trion:Z Copper Skin:Z Elbow Support

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  • Helps reduce the pain caused by conditions such as tennis elbow
  • Feels like a second skin with an optimum fit due to high elasticity
  • Moisture wicking, absorbent and quick-drying to keep you comfortable
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue through copper and compression
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In stock now

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Clothing can have a big impact on your sports performance, especially if it combines the power copper with the power of compression! Both are believed to help reduce muscle fatigue, by improving circulation or by helping to reduce the muscle vibrations respectively. The Trion:Z Copper Skin:Z Elbow Support combines these two features to give you an all-round solution to elbow protection. The design of the support matches your body's movements, making the support feel like a second skin while the exceptional elasticity ensures an optimum fit. The elbow support is ideal for reducing pain caused by conditions such as tennis or golfer's elbow (known medically as epicondylitis).

Who Can Make Gains with the Copper Skin:Z Elbow Support?

Ideal for sports that require frequent twisting of the elbow joint, the Trion:Z Elbow Support is well suited to activities such as golf, tennis and rowing. By supporting the joint, the support can help reduce the chance of developing epicondylitis and other conditions that affect the elbow as well as aiding with the recovery of people that are already suffering. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiastic amateur, the Copper Elbow Support is the right choice for the protection of your elbows.

Features of the Trion:Z Copper Skin:Z Elbow Support

  • Available in either black or red
  • Helps reduce the pain caused by conditions such as tennis elbow
  • Copper embedded fabric helps improve circulation and warmth
  • Highly elastic to help stabilise joints and reduce pain in these areas
  • Perfect fit due to the high elasticity
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue as the compression reduces muscle vibration
  • Reduces pain and fatigue by promoting lactic acid removal and oxygen intake
  • Completely matches your body's movements to feel like a second skin
  • Moisture wicking capabilities to ensure comfort
  • Ideal fit for the type of comfort that can be worn all day
  • Antibacterial to ensure hygiene at all times
  • Absorbent and quick-drying to improve comfort

Sizing of the Trion:Z Copper Skin:Z Elbow Support

Please measure around the elbow and then use the list below to select the right size:

  • Extra Small: 23 - 26cm
  • Small: 26 - 29cm
  • Medium: 29 - 32cm
  • Large: 32 - 35cm
  • Extra Large: 35 - 38cm

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