Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Strap Wrist Support
 Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Strap Wrist SupportUltimate Performance Advanced Compression Strap Wrist Support 

Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Strap Wrist Support

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  • Wrist support with adjustable strap for perfect fit
  • Suitable for minor wrist sprains, strains and pain
  • Breathable materials allow full range of motion
  • Neoprene free to prevent overheating and sweating
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Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Strap Wrist Support

Using our hands without the full function of the wrists is near impossible, especially if you compete in tennis, golf or cricket matches. The Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Strap Wrist Support assists the recovery of your wrist by providing gradual, targeted compression and support without compromising on mobility or comfort.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Wrist Support

Please note that this support can be sued on either wrist.

Who Can Make Gains With the Ultimate Performance Advanced Strap Wrist Support?

The wrists play a fundamental role in a wide range of sporting activities, whether it be swinging the racket on the tennis court or serving the ball down the cricket strip. The Ultimate Performance Strap Wrist Support keeps your wrists in top working condition without impacting mobility so that you can stay at the top of your game for longer. If you play any of the following sports, this wrist brace is perfect for you:

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Netball

Which Size Do I Need?

The Ultimate Performance Wrist Support is available in four sizes. To find which one you need, please measure the circumference around your wrist and refer to the table below.

Support Size Wrist Circumference
Small 13 - 15cm (5.25 - 6")
Medium 15 - 17cm (6 - 6.75")
Large 17 - 19 (6.75 - 7.5")
Extra Large 19 - 21cm (7.5 - 8.25")

Key Features and Benefits

  • Wraparound strap system allows the perfect custom fit for ideal compression
  • Lightweight and stretchy materials allow total freedom of movement
  • Advanced trimming technology prevents slipping for practical use even when active
  • Breathable fibres make the support comfy to wear throughout the day
  • Non-neoprene construction prevents overheating and rashes
  • Suitable for use while training or competing in sports
  • Bilateral design for use on either wrist
  • Latex and neoprene free to help reduce irritation

Who Can Use Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Wrist Support?

As a Level 2 Support, the Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Wrist Support is suitable for mild to moderate wrist instabilities, strains and pains. This comfy wrist brace allows full mobility, while providing medium support for the following conditions:

  • Stiff or weak wrists
  • Minor sprains
  • Mild arthritis

How Do I Fit the Ultimate Compression Wrist Support?

Fitting the Ultimate Compression is straightforward and easy to do. Simply undo the strap and place the sleeve on your wrist, keeping the care label away from your hand. Wrap the strap around your wrist and adjust to get the perfect level of compression for your condition.

Does the Ultimate Compression Strap Support Restrict Movement?

With reduced bulk using lightweight materials, the Compression Wrist Brace does not impede movement in any way. The support only covers the wrist, meaning that you maintain full dexterity while stable and supported. If you require extra wrist support but still need to use your hands for work or sports, then this brace is for you.

What Are the Ultimate Performance Levels of Support?

Ultimate Performance grade their products based on the level of support that each provides. Some offer more basic support for minor injuries, whereas some provide a high level support for serious conditions. Ranging from Level 1 - 4, the criteria for each support level is as follows:

  • Level 1 - Basic Support: Excellent value for money support for minor strains and sprains.
  • Level 2 - Moderate Support: Mild to moderate support for instabilities, strains and pains.
  • Level 3 - Pro Support: Maximum support for moderate to severe instabilities and pain.
  • Level 4 - Maximum Support: Designed to brace and stabilise more severe ligament, tendon and cartilage injuries.

Are Wrist Braces With Other Levels of Support?

This brace provides you with Level 2 Support. However, if you wish to find a wrist brace with a different level of support, feel free to check out some of the other braces we have available.


  • 50% Nylon
  • 35% Spandex
  • 15% Polyester

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