Ultimate Performance Ultimate Elastic Calf Support

Ultimate Performance Ultimate Elastic Calf Support

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  • Compressive support for calf strains, shin splints and more
  • Seamless circular knit for a low-profile, comfortable design
  • Thinner than neoprene yet still offers high levels of support
  • Stimulates blood flow and can help prevent lactic acid build-up post exercise
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The Ultimate Performance Ultimate Elastic Calf Support has been specifically designed using a seamless circular knit to provide compression and support to weak and injury-prone calf muscles, and for the relief of shin conditions such as shin splints. 

Helping to prevent further injury to the area, the Ultimate Performance Compression Elastic Calf Support also provides protection whilst exercising/during sporting activities. The lightweight, comfortable design means it won't be an inconvenience, so you can continue your active lifestyle unhindered.

Support Level 2 - Moderate.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ultimate Elastic Calf Support?

The seamless knit of the Ultimate Elastic Calf Support is ideal for those who are allergic to, dislike the bulk and/or heat generation of neoprene and latex. The breathable compressive four-way stretch of the material targets support to the areas most requiring it, mimicking the support and action planes of key ligaments and tendons to reinforce them. Whether you've strained your calf or you're experiencing the pain of shin splints, this is a great choice.

The compressive element also stimulates blood flow which can help prevent the build-up of lactic acid during and post activity.  This reduces the prospect of cramp and stiffness whilst also being a valuable recovery and rehabilitation tool to injury. Runners will find the support particularly helpful as the calves and shins are susceptible to injury from the repeated impact. 

Contains natural rubber latex: may cause allergic reaction in some users. If skin reaction occurs and or pain persists, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Features and Benefits of the Ultimate Performance Elastic Calf Support

  • Comfortable and protective support for conditions including calf strains and shin splints
  • Seamless circular knit provides compression and support 
  • Breathable 4-way stretch for targeted support and compression
  • Graduated compression provides improved fit and support
  • Latest edge trim technology helps prevent slipping and reduces wear
  • Stimulates blood flow and can help prevent lactic acid build-up post exercise
  • Contents - 62% nylon, 38% spandex
  • Comes in sizes small to extra large, based on calf circumference (please check table below)

Sizing of the Ultimate Elastic Calf Support

The Calf Support comes in sizes from small to large, based on calf circumference. Please measure around the mid calf and check the table below to see which size is most suitable for you:

Size Mid Calf Circumference (Inches)
Small 12 - 14"
Medium 14 - 16"
Large 16 - 18"

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