Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Shin/Calf Support
 Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Shin/Calf SupportUltimate Performance Advanced Compression Shin/Calf Support 

Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Shin/Calf Support

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  • Targeted compression brace supports both calf and shin
  • Suitable for shin splints and calf injuries
  • Four-way strapping for custom compression
  • Neoprene blend offers therapeutic pain relief 
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Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Shin/Calf Support

The Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Shin/Calf Support provides targeted, soothing neoprene compression to key areas of the shin and calf. This helps to reduce pain caused by shin splints and calf strain, which are especially common for regular runners and athletes.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Calf Support

Please note that the Advanced Shin Support is suitable for both the left and right leg.

Who Can Make Gains With the Ultimate Performance Shin/Calf Support?

If you've ever suffered from shin splints while running, you know how badly they can hinder performance. Luckily, this advanced shin brace provides targeted compression to the most affected areas of the calf and shin, making it ideal for runners who are prone to shin splints and calf injury.

How Does the Ultimate Performance Shin/Calf Support Promote Healing?

Specially designed with innovative compression features, the Shin/Calf Support is able to treat moderate to severe pain and injury. Some of the key features that allow the support to achieve this include:

  • Neoprene Blend: Made with soothing neoprene material, the calf support provides therapeutic warmth for maximum healing and pain relief.
  • Four-Way Compression: Four compression straps offer customised fitting to target the exact areas of the calf or shin that need support.

Sizing Guide for the Ultimate Performance Shin/Calf Support

The Ultimate Performance Calf Support is available in two different sizes. To find which out size you need, please measure the circumference around the mid-calf and consult the table below.

Support Size Calf Circumference
Regular 28 - 40cm (11 - 16")
Large 35 - 48cm (14 - 19")

Key Features and Benefits

  • Four-way compression system targets the precise location of the injury
  • Neoprene blend provides firm support and warm, soothing compression
  • Mimics the support of key ligaments and tendons for extra reinforcement
  • Compresses the front of the shin to help alleviate shin splint pain
  • Targets the calf muscle to promote healing for strains and sprains
  • Adjustable strapping for a custom fit to suit your requirements
  • Bi-lateral design for use on either shin

Who Can Use the Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Calf Support?

The Ultimate Performance Advanced Calf Support provides targeted compression of both calf and shin, making it suitable for a wide range of conditions that affect both areas of the lower leg. With Level 3 Support, this intuitive brace can promote healing for the following conditions:

  • Shin splints (compartment syndrome)
  • Tennis leg (torn calf muscle)
  • Muscle fatigue

What Are the Ultimate Performance Levels of Support?

Ultimate Performance grade their products based on the level of support that each provides. Some offer more basic support for minor injuries, whereas some provide a high level support for serious conditions. Ranging from Level 1 - 4, the criteria for each support level is as follows:

  • Level 1 - Basic Support: Excellent value for money support for minor strains and sprains.
  • Level 2 - Moderate Support: Mild to moderate support for instabilities, strains and pains.
  • Level 3 - Pro Support: Maximum support for moderate to severe instabilities and pain.
  • Level 4 - Maximum Support: Designed to brace and stabilise more severe ligament, tendon and cartilage injuries.

How Do I Fit the Advanced Shin and Calf Support?

Fitting the Shin and Calf Support is simple and easy to do. Simply pull the support up the shin until the top is positioned just under the knee. Use the strapping feature to tailor the compression to your exact needs, whether it be support for the shin or calf muscle.

Ultimate Performance Shin Brace in Action
Adjust the Fitting at Your Discretion

How Comfortable is the Ultimate Performance Calf Support?

The neoprene blend design provides soothing warmth that helps to quickly reduce pain and promote healing. The strapping allows you to customise the level of compression to ease the pressure on the leg when more comfort is desired.

Can I Wear the Calf Support While Playing Sports?

Yes, the Ultimate Performance Calf Support can be worn while playing sports with minimal loss of movement. The support promotes blood flow during exercise which helps reduce the build up of lactic acid. This prevents cramp and muscle stiffness, and reduces the likelihood of injury to keep your muscles in top working condition.

What Other Calf Supports Are Available?

This Level 3 Support offers a very high level of protection for the calf and shin. However, if you are looking for a support that allows more freedom of movement, there are two fantastic Level 2 Supports also available. 

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