Ultimate Performance Ultimate Tennis Elbow Support

Ultimate Performance Ultimate Tennis Elbow Support

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  • Compresses elbow tendons to provide releif
  • Adjustable strap for personalised fit
  • Soft neoprene blend aids healing throuh warmth
  • Ideal for tennis elbow and tendonitis
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In stock now

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It doesn't matter if it was caused by playing tennis or not – tennis elbow hurts. If you want to stay active with this injury you need support that can reduce pain and help you focus on your game. The Ultimate Performance Ultimate Tennis Elbow Support provides compressive support to elbows suffering from tennis elbow (known medically as epicondylitis), providing pain relief and can even help promote healing of the injury.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ultimate Performance Ultimate Tennis Elbow Support?

The ultimate tennis elbow support is ideal for anyone who is at risk of tennis elbow. Most obviously, tennis elbow can developed when playing tennis, but it can also develop through golf (hence why it's also known as golfer's elbow) or other racket sports and even throwing sports.

In fact, the tennis elbow support is great for any sport that involves twisting your wrist or using your forearm muscles. It provides you with the support you need to get past tennis elbow and stay active, reducing pain and helping you stay active as the injury heals.

Alongside tennis elbow, the support is suitable for a variety of conditions to help you to get the most from it. The support can be worn during competition or all day, and is suitable for:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer's elbow
  • Epicondylitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Swelling

Relief from Elbow Pain

The tennis elbow support contains a compression tube built-in, which applies targeted pressure to elbow tendons to provide relief from tennis elbow or other conditions. To ensure you get the best support possible, an adjustable strap enables you to adjust the pressure and fit to get the most from the support.

The support is made from neoprene, which as well as providing firm and even support to the elbow can also promote healing, helping you get back to fighting form as soon as possible.

Comfortable Fit

As well as enabling you to improve the effectiveness of the support, the adjustable strap also enables you to ensure you get a comfortable fit from your support. The support provides you with a full range of movement, ensuring that it doesn't impede you during the day or during competition.

Available in a Range of Colours

To help you match the support to your style, the tennis elbow support is available in a range of colours to choose from:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Natural

Sizing for the Ultimate Performance Ultimate Tennis Elbow Support

The Ultimate Performance Ultimate Tennis Elbow Support is available in a single universal size designed to fit the majority of people.

Please note that the Ultimate Performance Ultimate Tennis Elbow Support contains natural rubber latex, which may cause an allergic reaction in some users. If this occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

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